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QEnergySpa Practitioner Your Area

QEnergySpa Practitioner

Authorized Q2 Practitioners in your area.
If you do not find a practitioner in your area, please Contact Us HERE
This is only a partial list and we will help you get your feet in the Q.
United States of America
California    Colorado    Indiana   Michigan    Montana    Nevada
New Mexico    S Carolina    Tennessee    Washington

QEnergySpa Practitioner Authorized QEnergySpa Feet and orb in a copper tub. Find a QEnergySpa Practitioner in your area.

Many of our customers would like to order their products from someone that lives near them so that they can provide more personal service. If you would like to notify one of our trusted authorized agents, please scroll through the list below for someone in your area.


Lincoln, CA
Teresa Henderson, CH



Aurora, CO
Wendy Dayton
Local: 720-541-3719

Boulder, CO
Lynn Thore
Local: 303-444-5336

Colorado Springs, CO
Anita Valenzuela
Local: 719-477-3913

Indian Hills, CO
Dr. Diane Spindler
Local: 303 697 1736

Westminster, CO
Dr. Valenzuela
Local: 303-463-3306

Sulphur Springs, IN
Karen Lowry
Reflexology & Nutrition Center
Call: 765-533-6070

Bay City, MI
Sally VanSickle
Local: 989.893.9480

Glendive, MT
Angela Harris
Local: 720-584-6212
Angela’s Website

North Las Vegas, NV
Donnia Bradley
Local: 918-230-1372

Albuquerque, NM
Nancy Stern D.C.
Local: (505)897-0321
Intuitive Healing

Hilton Head, SC
Dr. Brett Stohrer
Local: 843 842-4737
Hilton Head Natural Medicine

Liberty, SC
Marilyn Dickerson
Local: 864-843-1312

Clarksville, TN
Dr. Pamela Porter
Local: 931-905-6848


Seattle, WA
Aubra Alexandar
Local: 206-547-0420
Metamorphosis Holistic Spa

Seattle, WA
Astara Burlingame
Local: 206-604-7706


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QEnergySpa Documents

QEnergySpa Documents Downloads

QEnergySpa BEFE Q6000 Pro Download QEnergySpa Documents Below

The QEnergySpa, Bio-Energy technology is the original world-leading technology invented by QtheExperience Australia. With over 16 years of refinements and experience, QBiotechnologies Pty. Ltd and QtheExperience Australia continue to improve the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE technology.

We can proudly say that the QEnergySpa is the most efficient, trusted, proven, and safe Bio-Energy technology available today.

With regular use, the QEnergySpa has shown remarkable results and continues to do so every day and in conjunction with a reasonable diet and exercise regime, will restore the energy to your body that it once had, allowing it to evolve past any concern, working to improve your overall well-being. Imagine having the equivalent bio-energy in your body to that of a person 10 years your junior. It is truly an amazing human battery charger, giving your body the necessary energy it needs to heal itself.

Please feel free to download and share the QEnergySpa Documents below.

Download your free PDF viewer from Adobe, Click Here, should you need it.

brochure-downloadQEnergySpa Document 1. QEnergySpa-Brochure (PDF) (831k)

This is our latest brochure. Contains two diagnostic methods that clearly show a remarkable difference after a session with this Bio-Energy technology.



Specs Document QEnergySpa Document 2. QEnergySpa Model Specification Sheets (PDF) (1,197k)
This is our latest description of our water module, the Orb, and of each of our new models available.
1. The QEnergySpa Practitioner Pro, model q6000
2. The QEnergySpa Home User, model q36
3. The QEnergySpa Personal model, q26


3. QEnergySpa Presentation Booklet (PDF) (5.1M)

A booklet covering the QEnergySpa, what it is, how it works, and more. From ancient times to the Roman baths. From scientists show that there is a lot more to water than is commonly known.


booklet-download 4. QEnergySpa Many Uses Document (PDF) (856k)
There are so many areas of the QEnergySpa that has been overlooked, from drinking a highly energized glass of water per day to treating your pets. Have you considered what this technology could do for your plants? Even your commercial farm, just make sure to run a small test first.


Detox Documents 5. QEnergySpa Intro Many Uses (PDF) (1,044k)

This shows how you would have to sweat through your feet for over 200 days, day & night in order to detox as much as you would in one urination, proving that the color charts advertised around the world are wrong.


Veggie Trial Files 6. Vegetable Shelf Life Improvement Trials by QtheExperience. (PDF) (78k)
A remarkable improvement in both self-life, flavor, and health of vegetables in these posters we have:
1. Cucumbers
2. Tomatoes, two trials.
3. Egg Plants
4. Sweet Corn Seeds
It is not that we want to compare people to vegetables, however, as the bio-energy enhancement works on any organic matter, it would stand to reason that this shelf life extension could in some way work as a form of Anti-Aging as you will see in the Charging Cycle Report.

q2 Business Download
QEnergySpa Business Opportunity (PDF) (105k)
Assuming that you provide a number of QEnergySpa sessions to the public and sell a few units along the way, you can make a significant annual income. However, incorporated into a wellness center or health clinic you may be able to achieve considerably better results for your clients and hence in the future, by reputation alone increase your client base and grow accordingly.


 Bio Magnetic Therapy

The “QEnergySpa” System is based on the principle of magnetics. To be more precise, “Bio Magnetics”. Bio Magnetic Therapy has the potential to relieve many symptoms in a great variety of ailments thus reducing the associated levels of both mental and physical stress, which accompany the illness.

This is no modern therapy

In point of fact is has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. The therapy as applied by Q-Tech Laboratories P/L in their “B.E.F.E” System is quite user-friendly and relaxing to use.

The simple act of taking a normal relaxing bath with the System will relieve many ailments.

The System is meant to be used every second day, this is to allow the body to assimilate the therapy on the off-bath days. The recommended time spent in the bath is 35 minutes and should not go beyond that time period. In the case of Bio Magnetic Therapy more is not necessarily better. We also recommend that if at any time during the bath one has a strong desire to exit the water, one should do so. This is simply the body saying that it has had enough therapy for that time. Should this happen it is recommended that the bathing time be increased gradually until the body can take the full 25-30 minutes. The normal course of therapy with the System is 14 baths with weekly maintenance after the 28-day introductory course.

During our trials with the “B.E.F.E” System, we have discovered that the System has shown positive results in the following ailments

Arthritic aches and pains, Burns, Scalds, Incontinence, Skin problems such as Fungi and Eczema, Muscular fatigue, and aches and pains associated with physical activity, Scar tissue, and menstrual problems, just to mention a few. As of the present time we have four of these Systems placed with two Naturopaths and two Kinesiologists. All four of these people purchased the Systems and use them frequently in their practice.

Horticulture trials with the “B.E.F.E” System on a commercial cucumber farm

During recent horticulture trials with the “B.E.F.E” System on a commercial cucumber farm, we achieved positive results in that we increased production in our trial rows by 57%. When that equation was applied to the total number of plants on the farm growing in that medium, it amounted to a possible increase in the farmer’s profits by $20000.00 per year. By using a newly designed commercial model of the “B.E.F.E” System which will be called by another name, it is not unreasonable to expect that the percentage would increase by another 3-5% or greater. It is our intention to run another trial with the grower to further validate our findings. Copies of the report, which also includes a grower’s statement, have been sent to the “Australian Hydroponics Association” as well as the “Practical Hydroponics & Green Houses Magazine”.

We have most items in stock.

The most requested items include ring and track sets, orbs, cables, fuses, and copper tubs. Our story started more than 20 years ago with the original foot bath, the BEFE QEnergySpa. Today, our QEnergySpa Footbaths span the globe. Because of our proven commitment to providing the best, millions trust us to deliver a superior wellness tool, the QEnergySpa.

We Sell Only Genuine QEnergySpa, BEFE Models.

Nothing feels and looks like a QEnergySpa. Insist on it. Does your QEnergySpa have a broken or missing part? Then you have found the right place. Please contact us with any questions. has sold QEnergySpa Products online since 2002. | Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | QEnergySpa Footbath | Orb Ring and Track Sets |
Orbs and Cables | Array Cables | Fuses | Display all QEnergySpa Products Look here.

You may always contact us with any questions or part requests. We are here to help you set up your session. Nothing looks and performs like a genuine QEnergySpa Footbath. For that reason, Pros insist on them. Do you need spare parts for your QEnergySpa Footbath? Does your orb or array have a broken or missing part also? Then you have found the right place. Online Since 2002

Genuine QEnergySpa Parts| Orbs and Cables | Fuses | Array Parts | How-To-Q

First of all, we have QEnergySpa Parts in stock. Solid, untreated, unvarnished copper tubs – which have the potential 10% to 30% increase in efficiency! The most asked for parts include cables, fuses, orbs, and ring and track sets. Service Parts for QEnergySpa, orbs, arrays | User Guides and Manuals. Even more, see our newest QEnergySpa Pro q6000 online, Go here.

The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Dilution Factor QEnergySpa

The QEnergySpa Dilution Factor

Dilution Factor - Touch Energy
This section contains theoretical information on the method used to optimize results with the QEnergySpa® depending on the dilution factor. None of the information shown should be held as fact. All percentages used herein are based on a water temperature of 27.1°C (approx 70° F). Please note that although this document describes optimal levels, for practical purposes we recommend using as much or as little water as you feel comfortable with, at the temperature that you prefer.Orb Shell top showing Mohawk potion of cable. The dilution factor is determined by aspects such as the percentage of body mass immersed in the water compared to the amount of water used. Therefore, the lower the ratio between immersed body mass and volume of water in the bath, the higher overall body energy absorption you will obtain from the QEnergySpa®.

BioEnergy Dilution Effect

Any part of the body which is not submerged into the water will be energized through the body part which is submerged. Therefore, the furthest point on the body away from the water is energized to a lesser and delayed extent. This dilution factor is gradual across the entire body. Where the dilution factor may become significant, would be in such instances where you wish to assist in the recovery of an injury, whether new or old. In this instance, it is recommended that you immerse that particular body part into the water for maximum benefit. Caution: avoid immersing an open wound due to the risk of infection.

Bio Energy Dilution Effect Chart

Figure 1, Bio-Energy Dilution Factor per body weight
Figure 1 – The diagram above indicates how the dilution factor decreases with more bodyweight immersed into the water with the QEnergySpa®. Immersing your whole body gives you no dilution or a ratio factor of 1:1. Whereas, inserting ½ of your body equates to a ratio of 1:2 or ½ dilution at your opposite extremities.However, should you only insert your hands, then the dilution would become 1:83 at your opposite extremities?

In short, in order to increase efficiency and the charge rate, we recommend that you maximize the percentage of your body mass in the water.

The volume of Water Required

The efficiency of the QEnergySpa® is also dependent on the amount of water in relation to the amount of bodyweight you immerse. The ideal water volume to body weight is a ratio of 3.5 liters of water per kilogram of body weight.

Table 1, below and the corresponding chart in Figure 2, indicate how much water is recommended for full body immersion in relation to your weight, based upon the ‘ideal’ ratio listed above. Figure 3 however, indicates the desirable water volume for partial body immersion (e.g. your feet or hands) or smaller body masses (e.g. infants and pets).

Optimal Volume of water required
Volume of Water Chart
Figure 2, Volume of water per body weight.
Water Volume Chart - Partial Body Weight
Figure 3, Volume of water per partial body weight.
Volume of Water
3.5 l/Kg (Liters)


The Source of

All Life


Conserve our


Q The Experience Logo

Table 1, Volume of water per body weight.

Calculate your ideal water volume in relation to
your immersed body mass.

Below is a table to help you estimate your dilution factor. Please edit to suit your requirements.

Hand =

estimated % of total body weight.

Hands and Forearms =

estimated % of total body weight.

Feet and ankles =

estimated % of total body weight.

Body Weight

Body Weight Submersed

The estimated weight of Body Part

Dilution Factor

Liters of Water Required

Enter your

Total Body Weight


Full body immersed



50% of a body immersed



Both feet and ankles



Hand & forearm



Both hands immersed



Hand immersed



What happens if the water volume per body weight exceeds the recommendations above?

Simply, the effectiveness would diminish, increasing the dilution factor. For example, if you were to immerse one foot in 7 liters of water and your foot weighed, say 2kg and your total body weight was 60kg, the dilution factor would be 1:30. That means that the Bio-Energy efficiency would be one 30th less at the opposite extremities of your body compared to the body part immersed. Therefore, if you weighed 120kg the dilution factor would be 60. If however, you were to immerse both your feet into the water, weighing says, 4kg and you were using 7 liters of water, your weight being 60kg, you would only have a dilution factor of 1:15 at the furthest point away from the immersed body part.

BioEnergy Dilution due to distance from the ORB itself

Q Tech Laboratories’ research indicates that the Q ENERGYspa® can energize water volumes up to 10,000 liters. Hence the effective radius of the ORB is approximately 1.2m. Outside this distance the water will still be energized through the domino effect from a water molecule to a water molecule, however, the effect will be diluted. Hence we recommend that you place the ORB near the middle of the tub and not near either end of the tub.

QEnergySpa 6000 - Side ViewQEnergySpa 6000

The QEnergySpa, BEFE Professional model 6000 is the best water-based bio-energy technology available, by the same electrical engineer who has worked on the Q technology for over 20 years. The latest improvements include increased EMF/RFI filtering, additional Q filtering technology, and additional Tesla filtering technology. The circuits are completely re-vamped for reduced heat and as such, fans are no longer required and for better energy flow, which is part of the Q technology.

See all of our QEnergySpa products. Go here.

Do you need spare parts for your QEnergySpa?

Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | QEnergySpa Footbath
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Orbs and Cables | Array Cables | Fuses

Display all QEnergySpa Products Look here.

You may always contact us with any questions or part requests. We are here to help you set up your session. Nothing looks and performs like a genuine QEnergySpa Footbath. For that reason, Pros insist on them. Do you need spare parts for your QEnergySpa Footbath? Does your orb or array have a broken or missing part also? Then you have found the right place. Online Since 2002

Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | Orbs and Cables

Fuses | Array Parts | Orb Ring and Track Sets

Solid, untreated, unvarnished copper tubs

The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.