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Dilution Factor QEnergySpa

The QEnergySpa Dilution Factor

Touch Energy Dilution Factor
This section contains theoretical information on the method used to optimize results with the QEnergySpa® depending on the dilution factor. None of the information shown should be held as fact. All percentages used herein are based on a water temperature of 27.1°C (approx 70° F).Please note that although this document describes optimal levels, for practical purposes we recommend using as much or as little water as you feel comfortable with, at the temperature that you prefer.Orb Shell top showing Mohawk potion of cable.The dilution factor is determined by aspects such as: percentage of body mass immersed  in the water compared to the amount of water used. Therefore, the lower the ratio between immersed body mass and volume of water in the bath, the higher overall body energy absorption you will obtain from the QEnergySpa®.

Bio Energy Dilution Effect

Any part of the body which is not submersed into the water, will be energized through the body part which is submersed. Therefore, the furthest point on the body away from the water, is energized to a lesser and delayed extent. This dilution factor is gradual across the entire body.

Where the dilution factor may become significant, would be in such instances where you wish to assist in recovery of an injury, whether new or old. In this instance, it is recommended that you immerse that particular body part into the water for maximum benefit. Caution: avoid immersing an open wound due to risk of infection.

Bio Energy Dilution Effect Chart

Figure 1, Bio-Energy Dilution Factor per body weight
Figure 1 – The diagram above indicates how the dilution factor decreases with more body weight immersed into the water with the QEnergySpa®. Immersing your whole body gives you no dilution or a ratio factor of 1:1. Whereas, inserting ½ of your body equates to a ratio of 1:2 or ½ dilution at your opposite extremities. However, should you only insert your hands, then the dilution would become 1:83 at your opposite extremities.

In short, in order to increase efficiency and the charge rate, we recommend that you maximize the percentage of your body mass in the water.

Volume of Water Required

The efficiency of the QEnergySpa® is also dependent on the amount water in relation to the amount of body weight you immerse. The ideal water volume to body weight is a ratio of 3.5 liters of water per kilogram of body weight.

Table 1, below and the corresponding chart in Figure 2, indicate how much water is recommended for full body immersion in relation to your weight, based upon the ‘ideal’ ratio listed above. Figure 3 however, indicates the desirable water volume for partial body immersion (e.g. you feet or hands) or smaller body masses (e.g. infants and pets).

Optimal Volume of water required
Volume of Water Chart
Figure 2, Volume of water per body weight.
Water Volume Chart - Partial Body Weight
Figure 3, Volume of water per partial body weight.
Volume of Water
3.5 l/Kg (Liters)
0.5 1.75 Water


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1 3.5
2 7.0
3 10.5
4 14.0
5 17.5
6 21.0
7 24.5
8 28.0
9 31.5
10 35
30 105
50 175
60 210
70 245
80 280
90 315
100 350
120 420
140 490
160 560
180 630
200 700
Table 1, Volume of water per body weight.

Calculate your ideal water volume in relation to
your immersed body mass.

Below is a table to help you estimate your dilution factor. Please edit to suit your requirements.

Hand =

estimated % of total body weight.

Hands and Forearms =

estimated % of total body weight.

Feet and ankles =

estimated % of total body weight.

Body Weight

Body Weight Submersed

Estimated weight of Body Part

Dilution Factor

Liters of Water Required

Enter your

Total Body Weight


Full body immersed



50% of body immersed



Both feet and ankles



Hand & forearm



Both hands immersed



Hand immersed



What happens if the water volume per body
weight exceeds the recommendations above?

Simply, the effectiveness would diminish, increasing the dilution factor.
For example, if you were to immerse one foot in 7 liters of water and your foot weighed, say 2kg and your total body weight was 60kg, the dilution factor would be 1:30. That means that the Bio-Energy efficiency would be one 30th less at the opposite extremities of your body compared to the body part immersed. Therefore, if you weighed 120kg the dilution factor would be 60. If however, you were to immerse both your feet into the water, weighing say, 4kg and you were using 7 liters of water, your weight being 60kg, you would only have a dilution factor of 1:15 at the furthest point away from the immersed body part.

Bio Energy Dilution due to distance from the ORB itself

Q Tech Laboratories research indicates that the Q ENERGYspa® can energize water volumes up to 10,000 liters. Hence the effective radius of the ORB is approximately 1.2m. Outside this distance the water will still be energized through the domino effect from water molecule to water molecule, however, the effect will be diluted. Hence we recommend that you place the ORB near the middle of the tub and not near either end of the tub.

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Disclaimer: Please note that the Q ENERGYspa® is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists.