How Do I Use the QEnergySpa?

How do I use the QEnergySpa?

How do I use The QEnergySpa, Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, and BEFE Technology?

By following the basic guidelines listed below the QEnergySpa, BEFE will function and produce the results as designed.

How Do I Use the q6000 QEnergySpa BEFE

How Do I Use – User Guide… General Cautions

  • Keep the Power Supply away from water.
  • Inspect the QEnergySpa, BEFE, and its components for damage prior to use.
  • Fresh clean water MUST be used for each session.
  • Do NOT add extra hot water later during the session.
  • Never touch the water after a session with any other person. (You can water your plants with it, they will love it).
  • Do NOT touch any person during the session nor allow them to touch you.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair that does not restrict blood circulation.
  • Only ONE individual at any one time per session.
  • Remove all Jewellery from any body part submerged in the water with the QEnergySpa.
  • Remove any larger jewelry, including your watch, from elsewhere on the body.
  • Remove mobile phones, laptops, gaming pads, and even the remote control.
  • Do NOT use any bath products or any other additives in the water.
  • Replace fuses ONLY with the same rating as indicated.

Preparation (Setup)

  1. Gather all the necessary parts.
  2. Place the power supply on a clean dry surface away from the container to be used.
  3. Connect the power supply, avoiding outlets that also supply power to other electrical equipment.
  4. With the power supply switched off.  Uncoil all leads and attach the Orb and cable to the power supply. Turn clockwise to lock in place.

Prepare the water

  1. Ensure that the container to be used is free from contaminants and is large enough to fit your feet as well as the Orb.
  2. You may for ease of use choose to use a disposable plastic bag/liner.
  3. Fill the container with sufficient clean fresh water to a level that will completely cover the Orb when immersed.
  4. The temperature of the water should be as comfortable as you prefer for the duration.
  5. Place the container filled with water in front of a chair.

Warning: Avoid back injury when lifting and carrying the water container (use your legs and not your back).

Conductivity (water quality)

  1. Place the Orb into the water ensuring that the Orb is completely covered.
  2. Turn on the power supply.

How Do I Use the QEnergySpa – BEFE Models q36, q26, 3100, 2500:

Check the display panel, to make sure that the activity is within the optimal range. A minimum of 3 lights is required (4 lights, including the system light) on the display panel. If more than 3-4 lights are illuminated, switch the power level selector to a lower setting. If fewer than 3 – 4 lights are illuminated, switch to a higher setting. Only add a conductive agent if absolutely necessary. When you are ready, set the separate mechanical timer to 35 minutes, submerge your feet or body into the water, and relax for the duration.

How Do I Use the QEnergySpa – BEFE Model q47, q46, 4105, 4100:

  • Check the numerical display panel, to ensure that the activity is within the optimal range (10 – 55).  If it flashes “Lo” on the numerical display panel, water conductivity is insufficient. Turn off the power supply and add a conductive agent.
  • Turn on the power supply and repeat the above instructions until optimal conductivity is achieved (aim for approximately 25).
  • Wait for the unit to display “go” and when ready, Press “Start”, submerge your feet or body into the water, and relax for the duration.
  • As long as effervescence is visibly emitted from the Orb, it will function and produce the results as designed.

Conductive agent

The recommended conductive agent is a ‘dissolved salt solution’. Prepare a solution by adding pure Sea or Rock salt to a small amount of warm water. Slowly add this solution until the appropriate lights or optimal indicators appear. More conductivity does not generate better results, but rather, prematurely increases wear and discoloration of the water after a session. Add ‘conductive agent’ sparingly.

How Do I Use the QEnergySpa – Cleaning & maintenance

Keep the Orb clean and well-maintained for optimal performance.

  • Use only authorized cleaning solutions; “CLR” or “Descale Magic” or even a solution made of pure lemon juice and salt.
  • Soak Orb for 5-15 minutes after each use. Prolonged soaking may cause excessive wear and reduce the life of the Orb.
  • Never polish any of the rings with any product.
  • Never subject the Orb or Cable Connector to water temperatures higher than 40°C.
  • Do NOT clean the Orb in a Dishwasher/Autoclave or in boiling water.
  • Replace rings and tracks when visibly pitted and worn or when the edges or thickness has been visibly affected.
  • The Rings and Tracks usually last from 8 to 20 Sessions depending upon your water source.

Video Education

  • Video guidance for orb assembly after changing the rings and track. Watch here.
  • Video directions for replacing fuses. Watch here.

Professional Ionic Footbath QEnergySpa Support

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