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Charged Water Drinking

Charged Water Drinking. What are the benefits?

Glass of QEnergySpa BEFE Charged Water

QEnergySpa® can be used to treat drinking water. In fact, enhancing the electric field of your drinking water and drinking it, will have a positive internal effect.

Why should I drink energized drinking water?

By drinking charged water, in this readily absorbable format, you are directly energizing your internal system. Many organs can utilize the bio-electrical energy directly. The kidney, for example, functions by utilizing the process of electrolysis to separate both excess nutrients and toxins from your blood. This function can be improved with the delivery of extra energy.

So how does Charged Water work?

Internal Human OrgansYour body requires energy to function. Your main source of energy is derived from your metabolism or energy produced by the breakdown of ingested matter. Metabolism starts when you eat or drink. The food and drink ultimately end up in your stomach where it is then broken down by the acid in the stomach into a liquid. Anything left solid that can’t be broken down passes through the system. The nutrient-enriched liquids are collected from the intestines and go directly into the blood. The blood then circulates the nutrients throughout the entire body, to every cell. Because water can pass directly into the bloodstream via the stomach, the charge it carries is distributed internally also.

How to charge Drinking Water

The process for charging drinking water is simple. All you need is a 2 – 3 liter glass jug and your normal QEnergySpa® items.

Step 1

Place a full bottle (glass or shop bought) of your preferred drinking water into another container of water large enough to hold the Orb and the bottle of water.

Step 2

Ensuring the Orb is completely submerged, turn on the QEnergySpa® and charge the water for 15 minutes. Do not have a person in session as well.

Step 3

Turn off the QEnergySpa® remove the bottle of drinking water, rinse it off under a running tap, this water will hold its energetic charge for
approximately 90 hours. Dispose of after 90 hours.

Step 4

The energized water can only be consumed (one good-sized glassful) once per day. Avoid sipping, drink your glass all at once.

When should I drink energized water?

Some people may prefer to drink it in the morning and some may prefer the evening. To find out which best suits you, try the mornings first then switch to the evening to see whether it makes a difference to you. You should not drink water more than once a day.

Can you drink the charged water from the QEnergySpa, BEFE on the same day as a session?

Yes, one standard glass, 8-16 ounces but it is our recommendation to drink one standard glass of the charged water on the days you do not have a treatment. Do not to drink the water directly in contact with the plates we recommend to place a glass container with the water you wish to charge within the charging water and only drink the water from the glass container which will remain clear.

How much Charged Water should I drink?

For the correct daily amount that you should drink, please refer to the bodyweight tables below. The procedure for charging drinking water can be used for all living creatures including plants (see associated plant section). The amount of water an animal or person should drink relates to their body weight. Drinking the water should be done as per instructions only once a day. The following tables show the maximum amount of water you can drink per day. Once you have charged the water, it should not be mixed with any other water. i.e. drink it purely with no additives.

Water Table

Note: This table represents the maximum amount of charged water you may drink in one day.
For the larger volumes that are not easily consumed in one go, try to drink over a 30 minute period or less.


The QEnergySpa is the latest in home based systems developed by Q-Tech Laboratories as an aid for relaxation and well-being. It was created to realign, balance, and enhance the bioenergetic levels in the water that is then used by the cells of all living things. The Experience increases vitality, clarity, and an overall sense of well being. By using the QEnergySpa regularly, you (and your family) can increase your energy levels whenever needed.

Healthy or not; the benefits of the Q Energy Spa can be an advantage to all.