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QEnergySpa FAQ

FAQ: WHY should I use the Q ENERGYspa?

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions.We could give you many reasons why you should use the QEnergySpa. What are the FAQ’s?
The primary reason is that you only have one body and therefore owe it to yourself to feel better;
physically, mentally and spiritually. The QEnergySpa is the most revolutionary natural health product
on the market today.


The QEnergySpa can be used…

  • In the comfort and privacy of your own home and or practice
  • Compliments and enhances many other therapies and treatments
  • Completely safe and effective
  • Simple and non-invasive (there are no drugs involved)
  • A proven technology with over a decade of research and testing
  • Trusted, used and recommended by thousands around the world, for over 20 years.

If you have health problems, or even if you haven’t, the QEnergySpa will still benefit you. Just relax in a bath or footbath and let the QEnergySpa and your body do the rest.

WHAT will the Q ENERGYspa do for me?

The QEnergySpa provides a compatible energy source for your body to recharge and enhance your own natural energy supply. This helps to optimize all functions of your body. With continued use, it may increase the amount of energy that your body can maintain and utilize. Your bodies’ innate intelligence prioritizes where this extra energy is needed first. Many users have reported dramatic improvements in short periods of time.

HOW can I recognize the changes?

Simply record all your discomforts, including the factors seemingly attributable to old age, on a scale from 1 – 10; 10 being the most severe. Over time watch the severity in some or all of the categories diminish. A number of factors affect the rate of these changes, these include your age, you life style and the length of time that you have been suffering from the particular ailment. Once you have your second chart completed, you will have a basis for comparison, ask your friends to comment on you condition now versus the information recorded on your first report sheet. This is a good and simple way to notice the changes that both you and others witness.

Can I put bath salts or other additives into the bath?

We all love relaxing in a bath with bath salts or bubble bath. However, you should NEVER add bath salts or any other additives including soap into the water if you are going to use the Q.

What else should I add to the footbath water?

ONLY –  if you do NOT have (2) bars on the screen display – should you EVER add sea salt or potassium citrate to the water. Only ad up to 1/8th teaspoon to a foot tub. NEVER add Epsom salts (too conductive) or Himalayan pink salt (too many impurities).

Why can I not use the Q every day?

Having a Q bath enhances your energy field, giving it extra energy to assist your body in any way that it may need. We advocate session times of a maximum of 35 minutes (can be shorter) and a minimum of 40 hours apart (can be further apart). The reason for this is to allow your body the time it needs to utilize the energy you have given it.

I have heard reports that the Q removes heavy metals from the body into the water. Is that true?

This technology is useful to assist the body to carry out its own needs. This includes providing some of the necessary energetic resources and partial requirements for the body to purge toxins itself and other possibly harmful biological materials that it may have accumulated through everyday living.

QEnergySpa FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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General FAQ

Why should I use the QEnergySpa® System?

We could give you a million FAQ reasons why you should use the QEnergySpa® System but the one at the top of our list is that you owe yourself a life filled with positive energy and vitality. QEnergySpa® System is the newest and most revolutionary natural hydro-therapy product on the market and it can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

There are no drugs involved, the device is completely non-intrusive and all you have to do is relax in the bath and let the QEnergySpa® System unit do the rest. If you have health problems or even if you are fit as a fiddle the QEnergySpa® System will still be of benefit to you. Many years of research and testing have demonstrated that the QEnergySpa® System is completely safe and best of all …. it really works!

How Frequently should I use QEnergySpa® System?

QEnergySpa® System should be used every other day with session times lasting 35 minutes. This will allow time for the energies to become integrated into the system and avoid over-stimulating the individual.

Who should use the QEnergySpa® System?

Almost anyone can use the QEnergySpa® System. Even if you use a healthy diet or have chosen one of the many therapies available on the market today, this system will still prove to be of benefit. If you are suffering from pain or if you have tried everything else and nothing seems to work than you should definitely use the QEnergySpa® System unit. Even perfectly healthy people (though very few of us are these days) find it still gives them that extra boost of energy that gets them through the everyday hustle and bustle of life.

Who should NOT use the QEnergySpa® System?

  • Those who have any battery operated implants.
  • Those who may be or are pregnant.
  • Those who have been recipients of organ or other organic transplants.

Organ transplant patients

Organ transplant patients People who have had an organ transplant are required to take anti rejection or Immune Suppressant medications. The energy provided by the Q ENERGYspa® may increase the body’s immune response possibly over riding the medications. As such it is strongly recommended people in this category should not use the product.

Pregnant women

The design of the Q ENERGYspa® allows it to work specifically on one bio-entity only at a time. In the case of a pregnant woman, there are two completely separate bio-entities the mother and the fetus. Although contained in the one body they still remain two separate people. Understanding why two people cannot share a bath can draw a clearer picture of why pregnant women cannot use the Q ENERGYspa®.


As the Q ENERGYspa® is not a medical device and there is no information specific to Hemophilia and use of the Q ENERGYspa® it would be recommended that you use the Q ENERGYspa® only of your own volition and only after consultation with your health care professional. This of course applies with any other medications or conditions.

FAQ: Why is the QEnergySpa® different from other Bio Technology?

The QEnergySpa® converts AC power through a specially designed and built transformer based power supply to power the Orb with a very specific DC current. The complex energy field generated by the Orb create a “Cohesion” or clumping together of a compatible and easily used Bio energy in the water. This Bio energy is then absorbed by the body and used to power the natural processes far more efficiently. Most of the other “similar” products claiming detoxification are questionable by the science used to create the QEnergySpa®. The process is far more complex than simply ionizing water.

Health FAQ

Can I still use the QEnergySpa® System while taking prescriptive drugs?

This question is quite tricky as there are so many prescriptive drugs. As a general rule people who are on day to day prescriptive drugs, should find using the QEnergySpa® a pleasant and beneficial experience, as long as you and your physician are comfortable with it. We also recommend that in partnership with your prescribing physician you monitor medication levels/effectiveness regularly as many have reported interesting changes/improvements when using the QEnergySpa®. As for other more life sustaining medications again you should consult with the prescribing physician but we would strongly recommend finishing these medications before starting use of the Q ENERGYspa®.

How does the unit leech toxins from the body?

The QEnergySpa® does not leech or remove toxins from your body. What it does do is empower your body to remove toxins via the normal and natural waste elimination channels far more effectively and efficiently than it is currently doing. Alleged detoxification through the pores of the skin is fanciful at best. Any color or sediment in the water is not due to toxins being released by the body. It should never be confused as being so. Color in the water post session should also not be seen as an indicator to the effectiveness of the session or the QEnergySpa®.

Is the QEnergySpa® System safe to use for people who have metal plates in their bodies?
Yes it is perfectly safe for people with screws, plates, and any other non powered implant in the body.

I sometimes feel sick in the bath, what should I do?

At any time you feel unwell in a bath or unsure, get out. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If this happens, don’t feel bad, for the next few times try having shorter sessions, the amount of energy provided by a full QEnergySpa® session may be too much for you at this time. Gradually increase your session times until you can feel comfortable in a 35 minute bath. If you do feel uncomfortable having full baths, why don’t you try having foot baths first.

Why do I feel tired after a bath?

Our bodies do most of their healing and regeneration work while we are asleep. Many people comment that they feel tired after a bath, so it is recommended to these people to have their baths in the evening before retiring for the night, so their bodies can get that well deserved rest they possibly need. Other people comment of feeling very active after a bath, which in this case is recommended that they maybe have their baths earlier in the day.

Bathing FAQ

Can I share my QEnergySpa® System bath with someone else?

NO! This Is NOT an OPTION…. Two people cannot share a bath while using the QEnergySpa®. Each person has their own specific body frequency or energy signature. The QEnergySpa® is designed to work with only one bio-signature at a time. This is the same reason why pregnant women cannot use the QEnergySpa® there are two separate energy signatures. In the case of having two separate signatures in a bath while the QEnergySpa® is in operation, the unit cannot separate the two signatures and so treats them as one. This would result in unknown and unwanted affects for any two or more people who share a session or the same water or use technology that powers more than one water module during a session.

Can somebody else use my bath water after my QEnergySpa® System bath?

No clean fresh water should be used for every QEnergySpa® session no exceptions.

Does it matter what material my bath or foot bathing container is made out of?

No it does not matter at all which material you use.
Although you may wish to try: Copper untreated tub with no lacquers or other preserving material, Crystal Bowl or Glass the latter two you will need to be careful when handling when full. I personally use a copper foot tub or bath tub. This is perfect for my feet! We do not expect people to go out and buy these special bath containers and you don’t have to, to get the benefits of a QEnergySpa® session.

Why does the water color change?

The color change in the water can be attributed to a multitude of variances including, the water quality, types and amounts of chemicals present from the water authority other minerals, salts etc which can raise conductivity and influence the amount the positive rings and track will wear also adding to these colors and sediments, just to name a few.
Please read the article on water color changes on this site. Water Colors

Does it matter what color the water is, whether it be brown, greenish or orange?

No it really doesn’t matter what color the water is. Ideally we would like to have no color in the water at the end of a session. This is because in those areas where the water doesn’t change color, people still report amazing benefits from their QEnergySpa® sessions. Color in the water post session is an unwanted result as far as we are concerned and over the last ten years Q Tech Laboratories has spent significant time and resources improving the product to minimize unwanted colors and sediments by producing a smoother cleaner power supply.

My water is clear and my spouses is yucky, why?

Everyone is different and there is no need to be concerned if the water stays clear or discolors, energetically you are very different to your spouse and your interaction with the water and the QEnergySpa® on any given day can be very different. We have found the more energetically in alignment a person’s energy field is, the more balancing an effect they can have on the discoloration process (the water tends to discolor less or not at all). This is not to say it will stay that way, your energy balance is constantly fluctuating and moving in and out of alignment your next session may produce some color in the water as your body makes changes and shifts to bring itself back to better alignment.

Can I drink the bath water?

NO – never drink the water after a session. Would you drink your ordinary bathwater?

Will the stuff that comes out in the water go back into my system?

No, what ever may have precipitated from the water or any other source will be “clumped” together preventing it from being absorbed by the skin.

Can I touch or move the orb/array whilst in the bath?

Yes certainly, you can touch and move the Orb or array around in the bath. However, to ensure that the cables do not become unattached; we don’t recommend moving it about in the bath too much.

Why can I not use the QEnergySpa® System every day?

Due to the powerful recharging effect of the QEnergySpa® having a session more frequently than every other day can be likened to overcharging a car battery. Also having a bath every second day allows the body time to assimilate the increased energy and use it more effectively.

Should I have a shower before I have a session with the QEnergySpa® ?

In most circumstances it is not necessary to have a shower before a session with the QEnergySpa®. However if you work around dangerous chemicals or are covered in other substances such as paint, oil or grease then we do recommend that you wash these off before your session. Some even remove makeup etc before having a session to maximize their QEnergySpa® experience.

Should I have a shower after I have a session?

We would recommend a shower after a full body bath just to rinse off any residue that may be on your body. You may wish to rinse your feet after a footbath also, but generally wiping your feet down is sufficient.

Can I put bath salts, bath oils or other additives into the bath?

No. This is NOT an option. You should only use clean water for a QEnergySpa® session and only add Sea Salt, Rock Salt or potassium citrate to increase conductivity. Only if it is necessary. Necessary = less than 2 bars on the display.

Can I use the QEnergySpa® System in a spa bath?

Because of the chemicals that most people put in their spa baths we do not recommend that you use the QEnergySpa® in the spa. If it is an ordinary bath with spa jets using only clean water then certainly this would be fine. If you want to share a spa with someone special then charge the water with no one in it for 20 minutes remove the QEnergySpa®. Then, hop in and enjoy your spa. Of course empty the water when finished.

Should I take off my jewelry before using the QEnergySpa® System?

Yes. We do recommend that you do take off your jewelry where possible and convenient before beginning a QEnergySpa® session.

Is it alright to have a QEnergySpa® System bath directly after I have eaten or should I wait?

It is all right to have a bath straight after you have eaten if you wish to. The type of food you eat or the times in which you eat generally will have no effect. However it is probably best not to eat while you are having a session..

Do I have to lie/sit still, or can I move about?

Just like in an ordinary bath, you can move about freely, you can read a book, sing a song or even meditate if you want to. None of the above mentioned will have any detrimental affect. However, we do recommend that you do not move about too much in the bath as the rough movement of the water may detach the connecting cable from the Orb.

Can I add more water to the bath halfway through the treatment?

It is a good idea to make sure you have ample water in the bath before beginning a session, as it does affect the overall session adding more water part way through. Once you have turned the QEnergySpa® on, it has started the process of energizing that water. Adding more water changes the energetic properties the QEnergySpa®has already created.

Why do I have to have a break every 28 days?

You don’t have to take a break if you don’t want to. There are many people around the world who bath every other day for months before taking a break. The methodology behind this is to allow the body to stabilize at its new energetic state. This is similar to why we say to have a bath every second day. If the user has long term issues, we believe that if they have sessions for 90 days, then after that time, they themselves can assess their status to determine if they would like to continue with further sessions at that time or start having longer breaks between sessions.

When bathing with the QEnergySpa® System, why do certain parts of my body tingle or slightly hurt?

Generally certain parts of your body tingle or slightly hurt as this is the area the body is focusing its attention on. More often than not people who experience this sensation report suffering some form of injury in those areas. If this sensation becomes uncomfortable, it is recommended that you finish the session at that time, the next time shouldn’t be so uncomfortable.

I get tingles in my legs, but I have never damaged my legs?

The energy provided by the QEnergySpa® session can in some circumstances give the user a mild tingling sensation in any part of the body where there has been no injury. This is not any reason for concern it is generally a sign that you are more “aware” the energy flowing through your body during a session.

I sometimes feel sick in the bath, what should I do?

At any time you feel unwell during a session or just unsure, stop the session. The most important thing is that you are comfortable. If
this does happen, don’t feel bad. For the next few sessions reduce the time you were in the bath by five minutes. For example if you finished the session after 15 minutes try 10 minute sessions, gradually increasing the time until you feel comfortable in a 35 minute session.

QEnergySpa® System FAQ Technical Questions



What is the function of the plates on the ORB or array?

Array 2000The function of the rings in the ORB/Array is to generate the complex

field that interacts directly with the water to generate the cohesion of

the bio energy present in that water. The greater the cohesion, the

more bio available this energy is for the user.



How do I keep the ORB/Array in good condition?

Keeping the water modules in good condition is simple and easy. We recommend cleaning the QEnergySpa® ORB/Array following every treatment by soaking the ORB/Array in a DeScale Magic Biodegradable Cleaner (Available for purchase at Q2Spa.Com or a solution of 50% CLR, (Calcium, Lime and Rust cleaner) and 50% water for 10-15 minutes. Rinse the ORB/Array thoroughly with fresh warm water before using again.

How can I tell when to replace the plate and track sets?

Worn rings and tracksWater conditions play a large role in the erosion of the positive rings and track. For this reason it is very difficult to put a time frame on when to replace them. The easiest way to determine when to change the positive rings and track is to take a close inspection of them. If the rings are quite pitted and jagged around the edges or you find you are having connection problems it is time to change them. See the picture here to understand when is a good time to change the rings and track.

Power Supply

What is the significance of the lights on the power supply?

QEnergySpa q36The significance of the lights is to show you firstly that the power is on. See the photo here of the q36 showing 5 light bars in green. This is a great example of high water conductivity. A similar display is present on Models 3006, 3024, 2100, 2500, 3100 and q26.

The first green light is only a “power on” indicator, then as the lights increase, it is showing you how conductive the water is, the higher the conductivity the more lights are illuminated. As a rule of thumb 2-5 lights is the optimal level. Also, the positive rings and track of the Orb generally will wear out faster, the more lights are on. If all the lights come on and the internal buzzer is sounding it means your unit is drawing maximum power. Move the power selector switch to a lower setting. If this does not lower the power output, please contact Q The Experience for assistance.


I am a little concerned about getting in the bath with an electrical device. Is it safe?

Yes, I had a similar thought when initially introduced to the QEnergySpa. It is perfectly safe. The QEnergySpa® transformer changes the AC power from the power socket to a much lower and safer DC current that powers the rings in the Orb when submerged in water. The power supply has been constructed to meet stringent international electrical standards. The QEnergySpa® also has the CE mark which can be viewed, below.


What is the Warranty on the QEnergySpa® System?
The Warranty terms and conditions can be viewed here:
Warranty details

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The QEnergySpa BEFE is a bio-energy device that delivers a bio-charge to the body’s own frequency and
recharges your electrical system to provide increased energy and to detoxify the dermal skin layers.

Learn more about this unique wellness tool: QEnergySpa Footbath

The QEnergySpa® can be used to treat drinking water. In fact, enhancing the
electric field of your drinking water and drinking it, will have a positive internal effect.

Why should I drink energized drinking water?

By drinking charged water, in this readily absorbable format, you are directly energizing your internal system. Many organs can utilize the bio-electrical energy directly. The kidney for example, functions by utilizing the process of electrolysis to separate both excess nutrients and toxins from your blood. This function can be improved with the delivery of the extra energy.

Read more here: Drinking QEnergySpa Charged Water

One of the most common misconceptions is that people using these devices are detoxifying through the soles of their feet and that the resulting color is a direct clinical interpretation indicative of specific ailments. This is a medical ‘Detox hoax’. No interpretation or diagnosis should ever be applied to any color and or precipitation. A visual inspection of the water in the first few minutes during session, will clearly show the precipitation arising from the ORB and NOT from around your feet.

Read the details: Footbath Water Colors

Because of the QEnergySpa's ability to improve the body's bio-charge, health practitioners and their patients 
who use the device have reported numerous health benefits. These include increased vitality, revitalized blood 
detoxification and neutralization of toxins, stress relief, faster recovery time from illness or injury, reduced 
inflammation, improved sleep, reduced fluid retention, improved endocrine and metabolic function, 
elimination of menstrual pain, dermal rejuvenation, improved kidney and liver function.


We have an ORB Assembly Guide on our website. This page includes diagram to show
all the parts of the Orb and the corresponding number of each part. To avoid any
misunderstanding, please refer to these names and numbers when discussing the
Orb assembly with your consultant.
See details here: ORB Assembly Guide

To maintain your water module – orb or array – keeping it in optimum
condition, it is important to clean it. Preferably after every use,
between different people. If only you; try every 3-4 uses. Keeping it
clean reduce fuses blowing and ring/track maintenance.
We choose to use DeScale Magic Cleaner or CLR for cleaning.
See details here: Cleaning Your Water Module

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I also encourage you to contact me with your list of questions.
I can be reached via phone or email.
I look forward to our next conversation.
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