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Troubleshooting Your QEnergySpa

Troubleshooting Your QEnergySpa

QEnergySpa BEFE FootbathQEnergySpa-q36STroubleshooting your QEnergySpa® is easy to do

Once you are familiar with the basic principles. It will become second nature. If you are experiencing some difficulty, the following guide will assist.  As long as effervescence is visibly emitted from the Orb, it will function and produce the results as designed.  The QEnergySpa is a precise and fragile electronic piece of equipment. It is similar in fragility to a computer. Because of its unique assembly, it is wise to assemble or disassemble in bright light. This will allow you to view the preciseness of each and every part prior to use.

It Helps To Be Careful

The care you take in the assembly or disassembly of these delicate precision instruments will preserve them for years to come. All acrylic parts: Orb and on the cable and mohawk (part of the cable). Once you understand how fragile and precise the acrylic parts are, you will appreciate your patience spent on taking care of your QEnergySpa. It is also extremely important to assemble and disassemble DRY components. It’s easy to slip and mishandle the wet parts. They break easily. They are precise and made to fit perfectly.

Prior assembly or disassembly:

Visually inspect each part in bright light. Look for cracks or any broken pieces on all acrylic and metal parts. Check the cable to be sure that it has no cracks, cuts, or crimps. Check for any abrasion on the cable. Be sure to completely disassemble the orb shell. This includes removing the buttons in each orb shell. The buttons, (the metal disc with the rod) sometimes comes apart. This can disrupt the conductivity, too.


Troubleshooting Worn Cables
Examples: When to Replace Worn Cables
Worn rings and tracks
Example: Worn Rings and Tracks

It’s always best to confirm that the rings, track, and cable are in good condition. Also, all items in the orb are in alignment. These are common errors that are simply adjusted by reviewing the assembly. See the examples here.

Conductivity (water quality)

  1. Place the Orb into the water ensuring that the Orb is completely covered.
  2. Turn on the power supply.

QEnergySpa, BEFE Models q36, q26, 3100, 2500:

Check the display panel, to make sure that the activity is within the optimal range. A minimum of 3 lights is required (4 lights, including the system light) on the display panel. If more than 3-4 lights are illuminated, switch the power level selector to a lower setting. If fewer than 3 – 4 lights are illuminated, switch to a higher setting. Only add a conductive agent if absolutely necessary. When you are ready, set the separate mechanical timer to 35 minutes, submerge your feet or body into the water, and relax for the duration.

QEnergySpa, BEFE Model q47, q46, 4105, 4100:

  • Check the numerical display panel, to ensure that the activity is within the optimal range (10 – 55).  If it flashes “Lo” on the numerical display panel, water conductivity is insufficient. Turn off the power supply and add a conductive agent.
  • Turn on the power supply and repeat the above instructions until optimal conductivity is achieved (aim for approximately 25).
  • Wait for the unit to display “go” and when ready, Press “Start”, submerge your feet or body into the water, and relax for the duration.
  • As long as effervescence is visibly emitted from the Orb, it will function and produce the results as designed.

Conductive agent

The recommended conductive agent is a ‘dissolved salt solution’. Prepare a solution by adding pure Sea or Rock salt to a small amount of warm water. Slowly add this solution until the appropriate lights or optimal indicators appear. More conductivity does not generate better results, but rather, prematurely increases wear and discoloration of the water after a session. Add ‘conductive agent’ sparingly.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Keep the Orb clean and well-maintained for optimal performance.

  • Use only authorized cleaning solutions; “CLR” or “Descale Magic” or even a solution made of pure lemon juice and salt.
  • Soak Orb for 5-15 minutes after each use. Prolonged soaking may cause excessive wear and reduce the life of the Orb.
  • Never polish any of the rings with any product.
  • Never subject the Orb or Cable Connector to water temperatures higher than 40°C.
  • Do NOT clean the Orb in a Dishwasher/Autoclave or in boiling water.
  • Replace rings and tracks when visibly pitted and worn or when the edges or thickness has been visibly affected.
  • The Rings and Tracks usually last from 8 to 20 Sessions depending upon your water source.

Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Challenge
  • No lights on the power supply at all. (All models).
  • No power source.
  • Ensure that the unit is plugged in at the wall and switched on.
  • Ensure that the power supply’s on/off switch is on.
  • Fuses are blown.
  • Replace both of the fuses at the back of the unit with 2 Amp fuses (the amperage is etched on the metal of the fuse).
  • Internal power failure.
  • Please call your nearest Q The Experience service center for assistance.
  • The power light is on, the output light is off. (Models 3100 and 2500 only).
  • The front/output fuse has blown.
  • Push in and unscrew the front fuse holder in an anti-clockwise direction and replace it with a 4 Amp fuse.
  • Internal power has failed.
  • Please call your nearest Q The Experience service center for assistance.
  • The front fuse blows continuously (Models 3100 and 2500). The code ‘FO’ is displayed on the screen (model 4105 only).
  • The power light, output light, and system light are all on. Still no activity.
  • The Orb does not appear to produce bubbles or effervescence (All Models).
  • There is a problem with either the Orb assembly, the Cable connections, or the water conductivity.
  • Internal power has failed.
  1. Ensure that the Orb Cable plug is making proper contact with the socket of the power supply and that the locking sleeve is locked in place by a clockwise turn.
  2. Ensure that the connectors on the Orb end of the Cable (the ‘Mohawk’) are not excessively worn and making proper contact with the brass rod protruding from the top of the Orb and the eyelet of the positive track (protruding at the side of the Orb).
  3. Check that the positive track is installed correctly, touching the positive rings only.
  4. Check the Orb is assembled correctly. Buttons (with the brass rods) are pointing away from the Centre Module.
  5. Check for loose parts within the Orb.
  6. Inspect the Rings & Track within the Orb and replace them when visibly pitted and or worn.
  7. Replace the water and adjust with the ‘Conductive Agent’ to correct the conductivity. Also, see below too conductive water (if fuses blow continuously).
  8. Replace the front fuse with a 4 Amp fuse.
  9. If none of the above steps identifies and resolves the problem, please call your nearest Q The Experience service center for assistance.
  • The Activity level lights are in the excessive range (Models 3100 & 2500).
  • The display panel reads ‘Hi’ (Model 4105).
  • The water is too conductive.
    • Internal power has failed.
  1. Select a lower setting (Models 3100 & 2500).
  2. Dilute with a tank of distilled water or replace water and start again.
  3. Turn the unit off and count to ten before turning the unit on again. This allows the 4105 to select a lower setting. (4105 only).
  4. If the excessive light is illuminated and the highest ‘water quality’ of 3 bars is also illuminated; turning the unit off and adding a little more salt, forces the unit to select a lower ‘water quality’ setting when it is turned on again. The unit should then show a lower reading on the display panel.  (4105 only).
  5. If none of the above steps identifies and resolves the problem, please call your nearest Q The Experience service center for assistance.
  • Cannot insert Orb Cable plug into the power supply (all models).
  • Check that the semicircular indentation on the plug is lined up correctly with the same on the power supply.
  • Check that nothing is impeding the plug.
  • Check that the pins in the plug are not bent.
  • The Orb Cable plug falls out of the socket (all models).
  • The code ‘NC’ and/or ‘Sd’ is visible on the display panel (model 4105 only).
  • The plug is not locked in place at the socket by the clockwise turn of the locking sleeve.
  • Push the DC output plug into the socket as far as it will go without force and lock the locking sleeve in place by clockwise screw action.
  • The display panel reads ‘go’ (Model 4105 only).
  • The unit has gone through its initialization sequence, has selected the water quality, and set the time of 35 minutes.
  • Press The Green Start Button if you are having the standard 35-minute session.
  • To reset the timer, press the mode button repeatedly until the timer button lights up and the number 35 appears on the display panel. Pressing the set button will make the unit timer go down in 5 minutes increments. Wait for the unit to say ‘go’, then press the green start button.
  • The display panel reads ‘Fi’ (Model 4105).
  • The internal fuse is blown.
  • Please call your nearest Q The Experience service center for assistance.
  • The display panel reads ‘Sd’ (Model 4105).
  • Self-diagnostic mode.
  • Check connections with Orb, water, and Cable. Please see the 9 steps above to identify the problem.
  • The display panel reads ‘’ (Model 4105 only).
  • You have pressed the mode button twice, the activity light is on. The system is operating normally.
  • Press the ‘mode’ button for a different display mode if you wish. Enjoy your session.

Q Tech recommends the use of a surge protector with the unit at all times.

Model 4105 Display Codes

goPress START
ScSession Completed Successfully
Normal Operation
NCNo Connection Detected
LoLow; Insufficient Conductivity
HiHigh; Excessive Conductivity
FoOutput Fuse Likely Blown
SdSelf Diagnostic Mode
dcDiagnostic Complete
FiInternal Fuse blown, Call for service
40-99Internal Error, Call for service

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