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History of QEnergySpa BEFE

 History of QEnergySpa BEFE Hydrotherapy

Model 3006   Model 3024   B.E.F.E. Array   Array 2000
Model 2100/2500   Model 3100   Model 4100/4105
Q Orb   Orb II   q26, q36, q46  q47    Current Models    ..coming soon q6000


There are several previous models of the QEnergySpa® and water modules that are no longer available for purchase.
However, if you already have one of these models, we do have parts available (Rings and Track). CLICK HERE to order.
Terry Skrinjar

Creator of the QEnergySpa BEFE Technology: Terry Skrinjar 2004 Scottsdale, AZ

The history of this technology, known as the QEnergySpa began in Australia, early 1996 when Mr. Terry Skrinjar (pictured here) and friends contemplated and debated potential technologies based upon Quantum Reality Field Science (QRFS), a term coined by Mr. Skrinjar. With a strong interest in alternative health, the question was posed: “Could QRFS be used to create a device that would have the potential to “cure just about anything”?

With this challenge, Mr. Skrinjar proceeded to draw up design specifications of the world’s very first unit “created to re-balance and amplify the Bio-Energetic Signature of the body” – Terry Skrinjar 1997. The intention was to use water as a medium, due to its unique properties.

Early Array - Junk Yard DogThe picture here represents the very first ‘experimental’ prototype,

affectionately referred to as the ‘Junk Yard Dog’ which Mr. Skrinjar

assembled using items collected from a farm junk yard.


Gizmo prototypeGizmo Prototype Array

The initial design of the Gizmo prototype was constructed, consisting of a series of parallel rings to act as an antenna or Array. Scaled up a prototype (Gizmo). A company was formed in order to develop and market this innovative product. Upon completion, the Gizmo was trialed, with a suitable power supply, by a number of family and friends associated with QtheExperience. With numerous benefits reported the commercialization of this device began.

The Gizmo was later called the “Array” of the Bio-Electric Field Enhancement unit (B.E.F.E. unit), which became the “Q2 Water Energy System”, followed by the “Q2 EnergySpa” and now marketed as the “QEnergySpa”.

QEnergySpa/BEFE First Array and Array 2000

Early Array Styles

The Array 2000 (water module) was QtheExperience’s second mainstream Array. It was shipped with the B.E.F.E. power supply model numbers: 3006, 3024B, 3024D and 2100’s.  During the following two years, QtheExperience researched and developed both the original Array and the power source to drive it. Several design changes were made, pictured to the left, to make the unit more user friendly, aesthetic and to allow for commercial production. However, the core construct and composition of the rings in the Array remained virtually unchanged. CLICK HERE for the step-by-step illustration on how to change the Rings and Track.

Mr. Ivan SerensenIt was also during this time that Mr. Ivan Serensen joined the company

as a Director and Electrical Engineer. Redesigning and built a new power

source properly based on the Quantum Resonance principles to power

the Array in order to further improve the technology. He is still our engineer today.

Vintage 1999: (Bio-Electric Field Enhancer) BEFE MODEL #3006

BEFE 3006 with array and attenuatorThe B.E.F.E. (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement) Unit model 3006

was one of the first power supplies released to the public by Q Tech

Laboratories. It was released in January of 1999.


Vintage 2001: BEFE MODEL #3024

BEFE 3024 with arrayThe B.E.F.E. (Bio-Electric Field Enhancement) Unit model 3024 was the second mainstream power supply released to the public by QtheExperience. The first revision was designated 3024B, followed later by a second revision designated 3024D. The 3024B was released in September of 2001.

BEFE-3024 The Q2 Water Energy System was upgraded to include a built-in attenuator. The design is more compact which also allows for the use of less water making it more environmentally friendly. Although the BEFE has received official approval from the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (comparable to the US FDA) for marketing as a therapeutic spa/medical device, Skrinjar points out that it is not
actually a medical device and does not diagnose or treat any disease. Rather, it is a sophisticated spa system that energizes water, which is used as a conductive medium. The body itself does the healing, after absorbing this bio-energy as needed.


2003: New Q Orb

Initial Orb 2003 In 1999 QtheExperience became International and as such had to comply with the International
Electrical Safety Standards required that the rings and components within the Array
had to be fully enclosed, so that the user can not make contact with the rings.
This was the impetus and birth of the Orb as shown here.

The enhanced design of the NEW ORB vs. the Old Array – allows for less interference from
the tracks connecting the various rings to the power source. This means that the ORB can
establish a more effective quality of field, improved clarity and bio-energy enhancement
between you and the water.

Today there are thousands of these units throughout the world and the number is growing
exponentially as the word spreads about the benefits this technology provides for its users.

Released in March 2003

… this NEW System, known as the Q2 Water Energy Spa System. The Model 3100 replaced the BEFE 3024D. New models included the Personal Use Model 2100 and the Professional Model 4100.  Also, the new ORB II – pictured below, replaced the ARRAY.

Personal Use Model 2100/2500                                                       Model 3100                                                           Professional Model 4100/4105

2003 -New Orb

Q2Orb with Blue Bottom Shell

This enhanced design and assembly of the orb include a (blue bottom shell).
The enhanced design of the NEW ORB includes a latch for the cable to attach
more firmly.  This means that the ORB can establish a more effective quality
of field, improved clarity and bio-energy enhancement between you and the water.




June 2004 – Series II Orb

Clear Orb
The enhanced design of the NEW ORB II, made with clear acrylic allows for less interference.
This means that the Orb can establish a more effective quality of the field, resulting in improved
clarity and bio-energy enhancement. The latch is now part of the bottom shell, making the cable
easier to attach, for ease of use and functionality.

January 2013 – New Models q26, q36, and q46

The Q Energy Spa continues proudly to remain the world leader in noninvasive Bio-Energy Hydro-therapy technology, in Australia by QBiotechnologies, Pty. Ltd.

Feb 2014: Model q47

This release supersedes the previous q46; including a significant

improvement in stability and power clarity. The q47 boosts the

overall bio-energy efficiency and is also available as an upgrade

for all users of the models 4100, 4105 and the later q46.



July 2020: New Model: q6000

QEnergySpa Q6000
QEnergySpa Q6000

This is the best model the world has to offer. Nothing else comes close.
The q6000 supersedes the models 4100, 4105, q46 and q47.

This model will be the ultimate in Anti-Aging, faster recovery and overall health.
Re-Energize & Re-Vitalize your body for wellness you will soon discover to be
better than you have felt in years. In fact, potentially 5 to 10 years younger.
Currently taking PRE-ORDERS NOW: Order New Model: q6000



Current: 2020

Our current models include q26, q36. Soon to be available q6000.
We have new q26, q36 in stock and shipping right now.



Today there are thousands of these units throughout the world and the number is growing

exponentially as the word spreads about the benefits this technology provides for its users.

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