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ORB-Series-II-ExplodedThe Orb II will fit every BEFE QEnergySpa model with the proper cable. If you own an old BEFE, and your array is no longer working, we can fit the Orb II with the proper cable. Just call and let us know which model you own – we can get you back in a foot bath soon! With frequent BEFE, QEnergySpa sessions you will want to keep a small supply of rings, tracks and orb parts for the BEFE, QEnergySpa on hand. Even an extra orb and cable if you are a practitioner or individual doing frequent back-to-back foot bath sessions.

Orb Replenishment Kit

Orb Parts include:

Orb Replenishment kit (All internal metals)
Orb Center Modules
Orb Shells
Orb Buttons (Top and bottom ring with rod)
Plastic clips and locks

  • Orb Assembly Step 1bBottom Button for Orb II

    Bottom Button for Orb II #OrbBB

    Bottom Button, for Orb II

    Q2Spa.com | Bottom Button Part  |  Item # OrbBB
    Orb Parts | Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | Q2Spa Consumable
    New/Used QEnergySpa Footbath PartsThis is a button replacement part. It fits in the bottom orb shell.

    Where does the bottom button go?  How do you install them?

    For help installing parts inside your orb, including the bottom button part, please start here.

    Q2Spa.com Orb Assembly Guide for this bottom button part. Go here. 

  • Center Module Clips - Set of 3

    Orb Clips

    Center Module Orb Clips

    QEnergySpa, BEFE Replacement  –   – Set of 3

  • TOP Button Install Step 6Top Button for Orb II

    Top Button fits Orb II

    Top Button  for Orb II

    Orb II Top Button Replacement part. It fits in the top of the Orb II Shell.  As the Orb ages and is used often, this is a part that may fall apart over time. Simply replace it.

    Item # OrbBT

  • Top and Bottom Button Set

    Top and Bottom Button Set

    Top and Bottom Button Set for Orb II

    Q2Spa.com | Top and Bottom Button Set| Item #OrbBTB
    q26 QEnergySpa | Display all QEnergySpa, BEFE Models. Go here.


  • Orb Locking ClipOrb II Locking Clip

    Orb Locking Clip

    Orb Locking Clip

    ORB II Shell Cable Locking Clip – Locks Cable “Mohawk” to the Orb II

    This is a very unique part that allows the cable to be locked onto the orb.

    This part is INCLUDED with the current orb and orb bottom shell.

    Included: (1) ORB II Locking Clip

    Item #OrbCLC



  • ORB-Series-II-ExplodedOrb Shell Top for QEnergySpa 1

    Orb Shell Top for QEnergySpa

    ORB II Shell TOP Replacement part

     Included: ORB II Shell TOP (ONLY)

     Item # OrbST

  • ORB-Series-II-ExplodedOrb Shell Bottom

    Orb Shell Bottom # OrbSB

    ORB II Shell Bottom Replacement part

    This replacement part is the bottom of the orb shell.

    Included: ORB II Shell Bottom (ONLY)

    Item # OrbSB

  • Orb Shell Top & Bottom

    Orb Shell Set # OrbSTB

    Orb Shell Set

    Orb Shell set is a replacement part for your Orb used with the QEnergySpa System.

    This part is the top and bottom Orb shell part set.

    Included: Top and Bottom Orb Shell Set

    Item # OrbSTB

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  • Center Module – Item # CM

    Orb Center Module

    Orb Center Module

    This replacement part is known as the ORB Center Module.

    It is a 3-ring replacement part for center of the Orb II.

    Item #CM

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