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QEnergySpa, BEFE Orb II Consumables

Genuine QEnergySpa, BEFE Manufacturer’s Parts and Accessories

ORB-Series-II-ExplodedThe Orb II will fit every BEFE QEnergySpa model with the proper cable. If you own an old BEFE, and your array is no longer working, we can fit the Orb II with the proper cable. Just call and let us know which model you own – we can get you back in a foot bath soon! With frequent BEFE, QEnergySpa sessions you will want to keep a small supply of rings, tracks and orb parts for the BEFE, QEnergySpa on hand. Even an extra orb and cable if you are a practitioner or individual doing frequent back-to-back foot bath sessions.

Orb Parts include:

Orb Replenishment kit (All internal metals)
Orb Center Modules
Orb Shells
Orb Buttons (Top and bottom ring with rod)
Plastic clips and locks

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Showing all 10 results