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QEnergySpa 6000 (Optimized)Manufactured in Australia, the QEnergySpa is unlike any technology available on the market today. Owing not only to the science it is based upon (Quantum Reality Field Science, QRFS) but also to the highly specific design details of the Orb (water module). As well as the manufacturer-specific electronic matched circuit components within the three available power supplies.

The Benefits of the QEnergySpa include:

  • Increased Vitality
  • Reduces Stress and Tension
  • Restores Balance
  • Increase your Body’s own Ability to Repair and Detoxify

QEnergySpa Features

  • Simple
  • Accessible
  • Portable
  • Pleasant
  • Noninvasive

Just take off your shoes. It can be used and taken anywhere. Enjoy the comfort and just relax. It’s easy to use!

Unique design

  • Original Engineered Footspa
  • Complete automation
  • No dials to adjust or monitor
  • No keypads to program
  • Can be used by anyone, anywhere
  • Quality control perfected treatments
  • Stainless Steel Rings and Track
  • No assembly required
  • 2-3 year warranty

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Healthy or not the benefits of the Q Energy Spa can be an advantage to all

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