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Research and Studies on QEnergySpa

Research and Studies on the QEnergySpa


…AKA B.E.F.E. (Bio Electric Frequency Enhancer)
Please better inform yourself of QEnergySpa Research and Studies. See the factual articles listed here. We have provided this data so that you may better understand the power of this wonderful healing tool (QEnergy Spa/BEFE machine) and how it could change your life or your loved ones’ lives…..

Research via microscopeResearch and Study Links:

Bio-Electric Field Enhancement
Heavy Metal Detox Without A ‘Healing Crisis’
Horse Trials Vet Examination
Q2 Biocybernaut Research Study (pdf)

Plant-Based Trials
QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial
Eggplant Life Span Extension
Vegetable Trials w/Q2

General Detox Information
Bio-Electric Field Benefits
BioEnergy Therapy
Quantum Field Science
Q2 Water Bath Testimonial

The “QEnergySpa” System is based on a principle of magnetics, to be more precise, “Bio Magnetics”. Bio Magnetic Therapy has the potential to relieve many symptoms in a great variety of ailments thus reducing the associated levels of both mental and physical stress, which accompany the illness. | Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | QEnergySpa Footbath | Orb Ring and Track Sets
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