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QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial

QEnergySpa, BEFE Pumpkin Trial

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Meringandan Pumpkin Trial

Pumpkin Jack o Lantern

Pumpkin Trial Log (Meringandan)

Day 1

The trial commenced on the 23rd October 2003 at Freda Garret’s property at Meringandan in Queensland, Australia.

A fenced area was provided to conduct the trial. The preparation of the seed mounds required the ground to be dug

and potting mix applied and mixed in with the soil of each mound. Prior to the charging session a pH and conductivity

test was done on the bore water.

pH 7.3 Conductivity 1.8mS/cm

(8) Jap Pumpkin seeds were placed in a 10 liter container and covered with water.

A Model 3100 QEnergySpa/BEFE and Orb were used to charge the water for a period of 35 minutes on low setting due to the high conductivity of the bore water.

After the charging session the seed was planted into the mounds with 4 seeds per mound and planted at a depth of 40 mm. After planting, each mound was identified according to the type of water treatment it was to receive. Each mound was watered with 20 liters of water according to its water rating.

Pumpkin Garden
                                    Figure 1 – Fenced area for the trial
Pumpkin Garden Mounds
                                    Figure 2 – Four (4) mounds prepared for planting
Pumpkin Garden Charging
                                    Figure 3 –  Taking pH and Conductivity Readings
Pumpkin Seeds Charging
                                    Figure 4 – Charging the pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin Seed Planting
                                   Figure 5 – Planting out the trial. Latex gloves were                                                                                    worn to  prevent contact with the seeds.


31st October 2003

Trial pumpkins monitored and it was observed that seeds in the groups had emerged.

Only one seed had struck in the uncharged seed and charged water group. Each group

was watered according to its treatment.

Readings of pH 7.8 and Conductivity of 1.8 mS/cm were recorded after the water had been charged.


Charged seed, charged water: 3 seeds germinated Uncharged seed, charged water: 3 seeds germinated
Charged seeds UN-Charged Seeds planted


Charged seed, uncharged water: 3 seeds germinated Uncharged seed, uncharged water (control): 3 seeds germinated
Germinated CHARGED Seed

uncharged germinated seeds


 18th December 2003 QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 1

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 2 QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 3
Charged seed, charged water Uncharged seed, charged water


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 4 QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 5
Charged seed, uncharged water Uncharged seed, uncharged water


27th February 2004


Charged Seed Charged Water

7 fruit in the first fruiting, average 2 1/2kg

Largest area covered by plant

A lot of fruit in second fruiting being formed


Uncharged Seed Charged Water

First to form Fruit

1 fruit in first fruiting 3kg

Second fruiting already evident 1kg


Charged Seed Uncharged Water

Slow to form pumpkins

3 fruit in first fruiting 2kg

Second fruiting just evident


Uncharged seed Uncharged Water

Very late to form fruit

First fruiting 3 pumpkins

Second fruiting 2 pumpkins

Not much time between fruiting


5th March 2004

(A)     Uncharged seed and uncharged water.

Brix leaf reading   2

Weight   # 1 – already picked

               # 2 – 1.5 kgs

               # 3 – 2.7 kgs

               # 4 – 2.6 kgs

Measurement (diameter)   # 1 – already picked

# 2 – 190 mm

                                         # 3 –  200 mm

                                          # 4 – 200 mm


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 6


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 7


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 8


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 9



(B)     Uncharged water charged seed

Brix leaf reading   3.4

Weight   # 1 – 4.2 kgs

               # 2 –  3.4 kgs

               # 3 – 3.9 kgs

Measurement (diameter)     # 1 – 245 mm

                                                        # 2 – 220 mm

                                                        # 3 – 235 mm

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 10Left # 1   Right # 3

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 11


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 12


(C)    Uncharged seed charged water

Brix leaf reading  4

Weight    # 1 – 4.8 kgs

               # 2 – 3.2 kgs

               # 3 – 2.5 kgs

Measurement (diameter)  # 1 – 245 mm

                                                    #  2 – 210 mm

                                                   # 3 –  220 mm


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 13


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 14#2

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 15#3

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 16


(D)     Charged seed charged water

Brix leaf reading  4.4

Weight    # 1 – 4 kgs

               # 2 – 3.2 kgs

               # 3 – already picked

               # 4 – 2.1 kgs

               # 5 – already picked

               # 6 – 2.3 kgs

Measurement (diameter)       # 1 – 230 mm

                                                # 2 – 230 mm

                                                # 3 – already picked

                                                # 4 – 190 mm

                                                # 5 – already picked

                                                # 6 – 210mm


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 17#1

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 18


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 19#4

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 20


QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 21


19.03.2004 – Brix test readings and conductivity

Group A – uncharged seed, uncharged water 6.8 flesh sap 16.5 9.4 mS/cm
Group B – charged seed, uncharged water 5 flesh sap 10.3 8.1 mS/cm
Group C – uncharged seed, charged water 5.6 flesh sap 8 6.9 mS/cm
Group D – charged seed, charged water 6.8 flesh sap 13 6.8 mS/cm
Comparing each of the pumpkins, the riper the pumpkin the darker the color of the flesh and the higher the brix level.




QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 22

QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 23


19.03.04A Sample from each of the trial pumpkins was taken,

cooked and mashed for a taste test.

Each taster was asked to rank the pumpkins in order

of sweetness and texture. The following is the majority

preference (1 being the most preferred).

(A) Uncharged seed, Uncharged water 3
(B) Charged seed, Uncharged water 5
(C) Uncharged seed, Charged water 4
(C2) Uncharged seed, Charged water 2
(D) Charged seed, Charged water 1
Pumpkins B, C & A were not quite mature.
Pumpkins C2 & D were ripe.
Pumpkin C2 was extra to the trial.


Pumpkins 3-19-04Pumpkins 3-19-04
Note the color difference between the pumpkins
Pumpkin APumpkin B 3-19-04

Pumpkin C 3-19-04Pumpkin D: 3-19-04

Casco Certification


Casco Certification 2Casco Certification 3Casco Certification 4QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 24QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 25QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 26QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 27QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial 28



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