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QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial

QEnergySpa, BEFE Pumpkin Trial

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Meringandan Pumpkin Trial

Pumpkin Jack o Lantern

Pumpkin Trial Log (Meringandan)

Day 1

The trial commenced on the 23rd October 2003 at Freda Garret’s property at Meringandan in Queensland, Australia.

A fenced area was provided to conduct the trial. The preparation of the seed mounds required the ground to be dug

and potting mix applied and mixed in with the soil of each mound. Prior to the charging session a pH and conductivity

test was done on the bore water.

pH 7.3 Conductivity 1.8mS/cm

(8) Jap Pumpkin seeds were placed in a 10 liter container and covered with water.

A Model 3100 QEnergySpa/BEFE and Orb were used to charge the water for a period of 35 minutes on low setting due to the high conductivity of the bore water.

After the charging session the seed was planted into the mounds with 4 seeds per mound and planted at a depth of 40 mm. After planting, each mound was identified according to the type of water treatment it was to receive. Each mound was watered with 20 liters of water according to its water rating.

Pumpkin Garden
                                    Figure 1 – Fenced area for the trial
Pumpkin Garden Mounds
                                    Figure 2 – Four (4) mounds prepared for planting
Pumpkin Garden Charging
                                    Figure 3 –  Taking pH and Conductivity Readings
Pumpkin Seeds Charging
                                    Figure 4 – Charging the pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin Seed Planting
                                   Figure 5 – Planting out the trial. Latex gloves were                                                                                    worn to  prevent contact with the seeds.


31st October 2003

Trial pumpkins monitored and it was observed that seeds in the groups had emerged.

Only one seed had struck in the uncharged seed and charged water group. Each group

was watered according to its treatment.

Readings of pH 7.8 and Conductivity of 1.8 mS/cm were recorded after the water had been charged.


Charged seed, charged water: 3 seeds germinated Uncharged seed, charged water: 3 seeds germinated
Charged seeds UN-Charged Seeds planted


Charged seed, uncharged water: 3 seeds germinated Uncharged seed, uncharged water (control): 3 seeds germinated
Germinated CHARGED Seed

uncharged germinated seeds


 18th December 2003 

Charged seed, charged water Uncharged seed, charged water


Charged seed, uncharged water Uncharged seed, uncharged water


27th February 2004


Charged Seed Charged Water

7 fruit in the first fruiting, average 2 1/2kg

Largest area covered by plant

A lot of fruit in second fruiting being formed


Uncharged Seed Charged Water

First to form Fruit

1 fruit in first fruiting 3kg

Second fruiting already evident 1kg


Charged Seed Uncharged Water

Slow to form pumpkins

3 fruit in first fruiting 2kg

Second fruiting just evident


Uncharged seed Uncharged Water

Very late to form fruit

First fruiting 3 pumpkins

Second fruiting 2 pumpkins

Not much time between fruiting


5th March 2004

(A)     Uncharged seed and uncharged water.

Brix leaf reading   2

Weight   # 1 – already picked

               # 2 – 1.5 kgs

               # 3 – 2.7 kgs

               # 4 – 2.6 kgs

Measurement (diameter)   # 1 – already picked

# 2 – 190 mm

                                         # 3 –  200 mm

                                          # 4 – 200 mm







(B)     Uncharged water charged seed

Brix leaf reading   3.4

Weight   # 1 – 4.2 kgs

               # 2 –  3.4 kgs

               # 3 – 3.9 kgs

Measurement (diameter)     # 1 – 245 mm

                                                        # 2 – 220 mm

                                                        # 3 – 235 mm

Left # 1   Right # 3



(C)    Uncharged seed charged water

Brix leaf reading  4

Weight    # 1 – 4.8 kgs

               # 2 – 3.2 kgs

               # 3 – 2.5 kgs

Measurement (diameter)  # 1 – 245 mm

                                                    #  2 – 210 mm

                                                   # 3 –  220 mm






(D)     Charged seed charged water

Brix leaf reading  4.4

Weight    # 1 – 4 kgs

               # 2 – 3.2 kgs

               # 3 – already picked

               # 4 – 2.1 kgs

               # 5 – already picked

               # 6 – 2.3 kgs

Measurement (diameter)       # 1 – 230 mm

                                                # 2 – 230 mm

                                                # 3 – already picked

                                                # 4 – 190 mm

                                                # 5 – already picked

                                                # 6 – 210mm







19.03.2004 – Brix test readings and conductivity

Group A – uncharged seed, uncharged water 6.8 flesh sap 16.5 9.4 mS/cm
Group B – charged seed, uncharged water 5 flesh sap 10.3 8.1 mS/cm
Group C – uncharged seed, charged water 5.6 flesh sap 8 6.9 mS/cm
Group D – charged seed, charged water 6.8 flesh sap 13 6.8 mS/cm
Comparing each of the pumpkins, the riper the pumpkin the darker the color of the flesh and the higher the brix level.





19.03.04A Sample from each of the trial pumpkins was taken,

cooked and mashed for a taste test.

Each taster was asked to rank the pumpkins in order

of sweetness and texture. The following is the majority

preference (1 being the most preferred).

(A) Uncharged seed, Uncharged water 3
(B) Charged seed, Uncharged water 5
(C) Uncharged seed, Charged water 4
(C2) Uncharged seed, Charged water 2
(D) Charged seed, Charged water 1
Pumpkins B, C & A were not quite mature.
Pumpkins C2 & D were ripe.
Pumpkin C2 was extra to the trial.


Pumpkins 3-19-04Pumpkins 3-19-04
Note the color difference between the pumpkins
Pumpkin APumpkin B 3-19-04

Pumpkin C 3-19-04Pumpkin D: 3-19-04

Casco Certification


Casco Certification 2Casco Certification 3Casco Certification 4



The QEnergySpa is the latest in home based systems developed by Q-Tech Laboratories as an aid for relaxation and well-being.

It was created to realign, balance and enhance the bio energetic levels in water that is then used by the cells of all living things.

The Experience increases vitality, clarity and an overall sense of well being. By using the QEnergySpa regularly,

you (and your family) can increase your energy levels whenever needed.

Healthy or not; the benefits of the Q Energy Spa can be an advantage to all.
Call Debbie: 303-782-4841


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QEnergySpa Practitioner Your Area

QEnergySpa Practitioner

Authorized Q2 Practitioners in your area.
If you do not find a practitioner in your area, please Contact Us HERE
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QEnergySpa Practitioner Authorized QEnergySpa Feet and orb in a copper tub. Find a QEnergySpa Practitioner in your area.

Many of our customers would like to order their products from someone that lives near them so that they can provide more personal service. If you would like to notify one of our trusted authorized agents, please scroll through the list below for someone in your area.


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Angela Harris
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Donnia Bradley
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Dr. Pamela Porter
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Seattle, WA
Aubra Alexandar
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Seattle, WA
Astara Burlingame
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Bio-Energy Key Concepts

Bio-Energy Key Concepts

It’s NOT about money. True value lies in people, health and wellness.

Learn about the Key Concepts and why the original QEnergySpa is still the best, helping people worldwide since 1995.
The Information below may help you to understand the technology and may help you decipher fact from fiction.

Concepts related to the QEnergySpa vs. the Footbath Detox Industry

Different Technologies

The QEnergySpa – Bio-Energy Therapy
The Ionic Footbaths – Positive and Negative Ions

List of Questions to Ask When Buying a Footbath
Different technologies…
There are really only two categories of designs for these so-called footspa detox devices.
These two devices are worlds apart.
1. Q Energy Spa Design: Bio-energy therapy through the water with OVER 20 years of success behind it
2. Ionization: Foot detox which began around the year 2002.

BioEnergy Therapy

Susi with her feet in the QEnergySpa foot bathThe QEnergySpa device is a bio-energy therapy technology, which basically and in short, enhances and elevates the bio-energy level in water by means of a complex resonance field interaction with water. Submerging any body part into this now higher energy level water allows the body to absorb as much energy as the body’s cellular integrity can hold at that point in time, like a domino effect from cell to cell throughout the entire body, starting at the outer dermal layer in direct contact with the water. The cellular bio-energy absorption methodology, ie: from cell to cell throughout the body comes from physics. The law of equilibrium (Balance). It is not physically possible to have a high energy cell right next to a low energy cell.

They WILL balance and since the bio-energy in the water is as natural as can be, it is the same bio-energy already present throughout the body so it is not even possible to have any prolonged negative side effects. You may experience a short term as we refer to it as, healing crisis. But it should be quite impossible to cause harm.

The bio-energy therapeutic quality from the use of the QEnergySpa is derived from the interaction of the complex resonant field created within the water by the water module, the ORB. All ionic or electrolysis processes ONLY results in discoloration and precipitation within the water and are irrelevant.

bio energy therapy: carbon in pencils will do as demonstrated in this example The Ionic footbath devices are in essence a simple electrolysis device, which effectively passes a current through the water creating negative ions in the water which are supposed to drag out the toxins from the body. There is no particular resonance in the water, just a direct current.
In other words, this can easily be achieved using two forks attached to a car battery. Even the carbon in pencils will do as demonstrated in this example. You just have to add a lot of salt to get it going otherwise there is not sufficient conductivity in the water. However, is it ionization or something entirely different? Every design from two nails, two forks, two pencils to coiled fence wire with electricity applied, will affect water in one way or another. Every one of these devices will produce a different outcome.

The more negative ions generated, the better for your health. If so, one should also recognize that everyone is different, so too exposure to ions could potentially have different outcomes depending upon the person and how the ions were generated/created. Take Ozone for example. Too much ozone and you can burn your lungs. In fact, some information indicates that if you can smell the ozone, it is already of a concentration too high for your lungs to handle.

Research Caution: Most if not all research on ionization over the past 60 years or so are all related to air, not water.

So let’s talk about ionization in water instead of AIR. Chemically, ionized water is meaningless. Pure water cannot become alkaline, nor acidic. In fact, pure water does not conduct electricity whatsoever, so you cannot use electrolysis at all. Water must contain metallic ions such as magnesium, sodium, or calcium, hence the reason that these ionization devices requiring a considerable amount of salts added and this will also potentially explain where the ions are coming from.

Does ionization of water (or the elements within the water) alter the pH (Acidity) of the water? If so, more is not necessarily better because a strongly alkaline solution can burn as much as a strong acid.

One of the more important issues in ionization and for that matter many other technologies is not so much the amount of power used, the level of ionization achieved, but how it was generated to achieve what result. You could say generated by excitation. But how? You can use direct current, alternating current and pulsed current, you can use magnetic fields and you can actually also do it biologically and chemically and probably many more different ways. Is any particular method of generating ions better than others for specific purposes such as health?

Einstein’s theory of relativity is all about an apparent relationship with the observer and in reference to travel it makes perfect sense, but in reference to electrical, biological, and chemical experiments, not so obvious anymore. Positive or negative; relative to what, who, and where. In the real world, there are no such things as opposites. Hot and Cold, relative to what? Everything is on a sliding scale. Any technology must be observed from within and not from an external perspective so how can we judge an ionic solution as either positive or negative. Altered granted, positive or negative, questionable. In respect to an external observer, both would be different levels on the same scale.

Quite a few ionization devices rely on this report: Negative Ion Report: The CBS Nightly News, Feb 14, 1995. Unfortunately, in most places where you will find this report, it has already been modified for use in Hydrotherapy, which is incorrect. This report actually deals with ionization of air and the report was written by Spartan Enterprises Inc. (Oil and Mining Industry since 1982)

If ionization in the water itself is not possible because the reverse reaction is actually faster and hence cancel each other out, unless you siphon out near the electrodes and even then that is not from pure water anymore otherwise the reaction would not even take place. As soon the Hydrogen/Oxygen ions are created they re-combine. This makes talking about water ionization devices pointless as the electrodes in these devices are intertwined. If they were not though, it may be even worse because you would then have one foot in negative ions and the other, in positive ions cancelling each other between your feet. Again a net neutral, if it was possible. Furthermore, all town water supplies are always different even from day to day, season to season, containing everything from mineral salts to fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, excrement and medications that means that the ions that we are talking about are ions generated by electrical means, based on all these interesting chemicals. Stating it like that it actually sounds very dangerous.

Bio-Energy Resonance… (This is the important bit)
In stark contrast, the QEnergySpa uses resonance to resonate directly with the water, enhancing the energy quality within the water itself. We are talking about the very base energy level of water and life. What this means is that it not resonating with any of the chemical content or any other unknown substances in the water, because it is not resonating within the same frequency or range. Keep in mind that we are talking about a complex resonance interaction, not a singular frequency resonance.

Tuning Forks resonating
Two identical tuning forks, one active and one passive, tuned to the same resonant frequency are symbiotically linked. Tap the active tuning fork and the passive tuning fork will begin to resonate on its own accord. If the resonant frequency of either tuning fork is minutely different, the active tuning fork will have no effect on the passive tuning fork. Note too that any passive tuning forks in the range of any of the harmonics of the active tuning fork will also be directly affected.


The Bio-Charge forms between the platesCompare the turning fork example to the QEnergySpa Water module (Orb/Array). This water module has 6 active rings (tuning forks) and one passive (balancing) ring. The passive center ring will create its own resonance through the symbiotic link with the harmonic resonances of the 6 active rings and that field created will help to balance the upper and lower hemispheres. The 6 active rings will each on their own create a resonance and will each also be affected by each other and the harmonics of the others and hence in all, create a global complex interactive resonance field. It is this complex interactive reaction with water itself that will enhance the energy quality of the water.

There is a little more on this link here: How the QEnergySpa works

And here a small example of how a single frequency in the audible range affects water. You can clearly see how, when the frequency get close to a harmonic resonance of the water, how the water reacts.

Positive vs. Negative Ions and Polarity
First of all, the Bio-Energy Therapy, QEnergySpa technology is and has never been about ions, positive or negative. This is one of the reasons based on the ionization above that the QEnergySpa does not need as much salt, if any in order to work, because it is not based on ionization but rather resonance interaction.

  • Ionic technology devices claim that it is possible and desirable to adjust the amount of positive or negative ions in the water.
  • Negative Ions are supposedly good ions. Positive ions are depleting, so you would want negative ions NOT positive ions.
  • But why would you want positive ions? This would be ludicrous to even suggest. But it is there.

This is a link to a report on ions used by the Ionic devices: Role of Ions in Body Chemistry

  1. The report is actually a little misleading for use, even in the Ionic Detox industry
  2. The report is by Spartan Enterprises Inc. a Mining & Oil-based company started in 1982, written in 1995
  3. The report is more directed towards magnetic resonance.
  4. Robert Becker is well known for frequency devices, their effects, but more on direct frequency applications, not really ions.
  5. The report is based on ions in AIR, NOT water. With a simple note on hydrotherapy inserted. Whoever did that.
  6. However the Report does show that negative ions are healthy
  7. Also, that positive ions may be potentially deadly if applied using magnetic resonance.
  8. Therefore this report should NOT be used to establish validity on any Ionic Detox device.

As long as both the positive and negative electrodes are in the same body of water. Consider this the same as water running through your garden hose. The water you push into one end is the same water that comes out the other end, at least the same quantity. Electrically, what goes in must come out. Hence electronically it is always a net neutral. So positive or negative really don’t make sense no matter what polarity. But in the electrical path through the water, the electrons may be able to excite and resonate things.
Understanding the science behind the technology, you will also understand that changing polarity between electrodes of different compositions will alter the energy signature in the water. (Resonance if you will). It is still going to be the net same potential and current and hence nothing really changes here. Except; For the sake of the argument, let’s for the moment say that electrons, proton & neutrons don’t exist. (I know, this is a stretch) That will also mean that ions of any kind don’t exist. So by changing the electrodes in this example, all you will be doing is altering the signature (resonance) and the final outcome will be different, no doubt. But to what extend and for what purpose, you will need to understand the entire genetic and biological make up of all life on earth in order to know what the different signatures (resonances) created will do to that life. So what do we do, we experiment and when we come across something that looks good, we estimate based upon the experiment that it will be good for us and we hope that it will have no long term negative effect. Look at micro current technologies, been around for 60 plus years. But let’s not look at current medical history.

To make my point here; I am sure that we could create plenty of negative ions at the frequency range of a microwave oven, do you think that it will still be good for you? It is negative ions? Should be great for my health. But in this case I think I would be cooked. Again it is all about how it was created, not just what and how much!

You do not need a sledge hammer to push a swing, a gentle nudge to keep in going is all that is needed. So it is, for all science and technologies, a gentle tickle to achieve great results. If you use the sledge hammer approach, you will always create extra heat and you will always have other problems that have to be overcome. Mind you with some of our existing technologies the sledge hammer approach is still the only way, until we learn.

With that in mind, we (our scientific community) have stumbled across negative ions (from our perspective) and it has had a very good health outcome for a very long time and as long as we do not deviate too far from the way in which we create negative ions for health benefits we will prevail. You also have to remember that the recovery process of the human body is amazing. Quite a few devices invented actually damages the body in the application process, the body then repairs the damage along with the reason for the application, at least that is the hope.

For use in water, let’s forget all about ions of any kind and focus on ORP, Oxidation Reduction Potential. We have positive and negative ORP here as well. It has also been shown that negative ORP is great for your health and a positive ORP, not so much. For example, a glass of orange juice bought from the store may have a positive ORP of about 200, squeeze the orange yourself (ie fresh) and it will be a negative ORP of about 200 to 300.

The QEnergySpa has been tested with an ORP reading as low as negative 1200. No other device can do this.

Ionic technologies also place great emphasis on the discolorations in the water and what they imply relative to the person in the water.

Polarity is a marketing gimmick and provides no benefit.
This is why: In this technology the claim is made that it is possible and desirable to adjust the amount of positive or negative ions in the water. Simply put, this is an electro-chemical impossibility. As long as both positive and negative electrodes are in the same body of water it is basic electrochemistry that there is always a net neutral. That is that for every positive ion created, there is a negative. In “their” technology, when they claim to alter the amount of positive or negative ions, they are simply changing the polarity on which electrode is positive or negative at a given moment. In this particular product there is a great emphasis on the discolorations in the water and what they imply relative to the person in the water.

Negative Ions are good ions. Positive ions are depleting. You want negative ions NOT positive ions. The units on the market that claim their machine can create more negative ions or positive ions depending on which mode the unit is set too is not only inaccurate but why would you want positive ions?

Water Color “Charting”

Water Colors & Smells:
The bio-energy therapeutic quality from the use of the QEnergySpa is derived from the interaction of the complex resonant field created within the water by the water module, the ORB. All ionic or electrolysis processes ONLY results in discoloration and precipitation within the water and are irrelevant.

The Ionic footbath devices are in essence a simple electrolysis device, which effectively passes a current through the water creating negative ions in the water which are supposed to drag out the toxins from the body. There is no particular resonance in the water, just a direct current. In other words, this can easily be achieved using two forks attached to a car battery. Even the carbon in pencils will do as demonstrated in this example. You just have to add a lot of salt to get it going otherwise there is not sufficient conductivity in the water. However, is it ionization or something entirely different? Every design from two nails, two forks, two pencils to coiled fence wire with electricity applied, will affect water in one way or another. Every one of these devices will produce a different outcome.

All ionic or electrolysis processes ONLY result in discoloration and precipitation within the water and although interesting and a point of discussion, it is irrelevant to the process and effect. There are far too many parameters that affect the colors and smells of the water after use of the QEnergySpa (or any other similar kind of technology) and although every person’s outcome in the water is different (you affect the outcome, but it does not come from you), please remember that you cannot and should NEVER diagnose or rely on the watercolors and or smells in any way.

There is no scientific data supporting any analysis of watercolors in the foot tub during or after a session with any technology. The coloration and precipitation of the water after every session is primarily due to a combination of the degradation of the rings within the water module (Orb) and the impurities present in the water source. However, if these were the only two factors affecting coloration and these factors remained constant, one would expect the same coloration outcomes after every session. However, this is not the case. There are far too many other parameters/factors that also play a role.

The main factors that affect water coloration are:

      • Water Source
      • Conductive Agent
      • The person in session
      • The temperature of the water
      • Altitude on Location
      • Weather and other Environmental Factors
      • Lunar cycle.
      • The Water Module (Orb or array)
      • Power Supply
      • Container used

Quite a few people claim to have seen parasites leave the feet during an ionizing treatment. This is highly unlikely, because if the pores in your skin require a microscope in order to see the actual pore, let alone anything small enough to come out of such a pore then it would be physically impossible to see with the naked eye.

Physically and medically speaking, it is not possible in 20 to 30 minutes to turn the water black with parasites and toxins from your bloodstream through your sweat glands/pores in your feet, despite the indications that the pores on the feet appear to be a little large than elsewhere. Secondly, to put this argument into perspective, you would have to sweat day and night through your feet alone for close to 2 years in order to detox as much as you would through one urination.

Thirdly. This entire dirty water theory was used by bottled water companies some 20 years ago passing lots of current (amps) through two probes in a glass of water turning it black in a few minutes to attempt to prove that the competition’s waters were dirty and theirs were clean. It is wrong!

Cost and Value of Construction
Most vendors produce their unit in Asia, built in a factory on a conveyor belt.
Not the Q Energy Spa. Each machine is STILL built by hand in Australia. Conventional electronics do not recognize or for that matter understand the principles of field science and so do not see it as a consequence of operating the effectiveness of electronic equipment.

The construction of the Q2 is extremely precise in the materials that are needed to be used to build it, as well as the dimensions, ratios and methodology of construction. The reason for this exactness in every detail and of ratios calculated is crucial to the outcomes or effectiveness of the field produced and the quality of life force enhancement imparted to the water. Any change in any aspect of the construction, or materials used, will degrade or change the field. This is the workings of field science, all fields acting in harmony to produce the desired end result.

Power Supply FAQ
We (Q Energy Spa) have built both performance and safety into our power supply. Our design has used state-of-the-art technology since 1996. An integral part of the power supply manufacture is the choice of connectors and cable that connect the Orb/Array to the power supply, as an example the use of audio connection pins compared to proper electrical connectors. While both carry or transfer electrical energy each is constructed from differing materials and with different processes. Audio connectors can again overlay particular noise or interference to the signal supplied to the Orb/Array.

One further overriding factor to the power supply manufacture comes down to the materials used to make the outer casing. The very first commercially available power supplies for the original BEFE unit were rudimentary in construction and manufactured with metal casings.

While these units produced favorable results it became apparent that the construction and materials used were not producing the best result possible and so many man-hours was put into finding better materials and a better designer of the power supply, In the words of the electrical engineer and one of the Directors at QTech. “All I was taught in my years at University did not prepare me for the education process I undertook in the construction of this power supply.” Close enough is NOT good enough!

Safety Features of the Q ENERGY Spa
The QEnergySpa is built to meet the very stringent International Electrical Safety Standards, IEC 60601.1 and is compliant with the domestic CE mark. The units are powered by AC and when plugged into your wall it delivers a very specific DC (Direct Current) between 0.3 Amps to 3 Amps at about 28 volts DC, with a maximum of 30 volts DC and can actually handle up to 100Watts. Safe construction levels of safety are as follows; an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit.

The Power Supply is IP67 rated. This means it is splash-proof and dust-proof. You can actually drop it into the bath with you safely, not that we would ever recommend that anyone does that. The QEnergySpa is hand made. Full inspections are carried out at every stage of manufacture. The QEnergySpa is fully tested for safety and correct operation prior to leaving the factory.

How To Control Amps: Current vs. Salt

    Adjustable current control is imperative due to a variety of external variables:

  • Differences in human skin resistance
  • Differences in the water used
  • Differences in the electrolysis

It is rare that you need to add salt, to gain conductivity. The areas that we see the most water contamination/chemicals are: Las Vegas, NV; New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL.

There are several factors that raise or lower the conductivity: salt, human body skin resistance, and water quality. If you raise the current with salt the conductivity increases.
The Model q6000 adjusts the conductivity automatically.
Model(s): q36 and q26S have a toggle switch to adjust conductivity manually.

Our QEnergySpa models allow you to have full control over adjusting the conductivity. All other “copy-cat” footbath units cannot deliver the power we can. They are simply NOT the same quality. DON’T be fooled!

Additional Tech Specs:
Output: 3 amps
Our Q Energy Spa models are the original technology, and continue to be the most powerful models on the planet.

CLASS II Equipment, Type B Applied Part
Safety Extra Low Voltage Isolating DC Power Supply
100 to 120VAC 50/60Hz, 95W or
200 to 240VAC 50/60Hz, 95W
as indicated on the power supply
Isolated, Rectified and Filtered, 28VDC, 3Amps
Dimensions: 190x135x103mm
Weight: 2.85 Kg (6.2 lbs) (Power supply only)

Everything has an electrical frequency (the number of oscillations per second) measured in hertz. (MHz) Megahertz is a unit of frequency, equal to one million cycles per second. All atoms in the universe have vibrational motion.
Our Q Energy Spa models run at 60 Hertz.

Ion Voltage
The Q ENERGYspa is built to meet the very stringent International Electrical Safety Standards, IEC 60601.1, and is compliant with the domestic CE mark. The unit is powered by AC and when plugged into your wall it delivers a very specific DC (Direct Current) between 0.3 Amps to 3 Amps at about 27 volts DC, with a maximum of 30 volts DC.

Common Maintenance

Our models use disposable rings for the orb or array. We see a wide range of averages depending on the water bath “variables”: human skin contact, water quality, and age of rings/track sets. Each set may last anywhere between 8-100 sessions depending on your BEFE/Q2Spa model and your water.

Copper or Plastic Tub?
The energetic properties or signature of the bath container also impacts on the coloration and precipitation of the water. We recommend you use an (in order of preference) a raw untreated copper bowl, glass, ceramic, or plastic bowl (for ease and cleanliness of use, a disposable plastic bag or liner may be used). You can also use your bathtub. The only stipulation is that the bowl cannot be made of or contain Aluminum or uncoated fiberglass. Size and shape matter little, as long as the orb is fully submerged and you can fit a part of your body in the water.
In order of preference.

  • Copper Tub: Not varnished and not treated in any way. Not even cleaned. No welding or other glues. The copper tub effectively folds the complex resonating emanating field back upon itself and hence increases the field strength in the water. The copper tub has the potential to increase the effectiveness from 10% to 30% all depending on many factors.
  • Clear Glass bowl
  • Clear Plastic bowl
  • Colored plastic bowl, stay away from darker colors.

See more details: Copper Tub

Potassium Citrate vs. Salt
1. Potassium Citrate (Food Grade)
This is our preferred choice to increase water conductivity. When used with Rain/Tank water, it has been shown to extend the lifespan of the water module consumables.
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2. Rock Salt or Sea Salt
More is NOT necessarily better. Provided sufficient current flowing in the water is established, the water module is doing its job. More power does not make it any better, it only wears it faster. The more conductivity agent added the more current will flow, the more wear on the Water Module.
NOTE: NEVER use more than 1/8th teaspoon per foot bath session.

Epsom salts may have numerous health benefits, but not for use in the water for a QEnergySpa session. So too for any and all other additives.. NEVER add anything other than Potassium citrate or salt as listed above. You may use standard table salt for one or two sessions, but no more. This comes down to the predominant signature in the water and your body’s healing ability.

Shopping for Footbath?


Questions to Ask When Buying a Footbath

What is the amperage? (details)
Answer: 3 amps

How high is the watts? (details)
Answer: ~95 watts

Are you able to manually adjust the conductivity? (details)
Answer: Potassium Citrate or sea salt

Why do I need to know about positive vs. negative ions and polarity? (details)
Answer: You want negative ions NOT positive ions. Positive ions are depleting.

What are the safety features of the Q ENERGY Spa? (details)

What kind of tub should I use? (details)
Answer: Quartz Crystal Bowl or Copper Tub.

Do you have to manually replace the rings and track? (details)
Answer: Yes

How many sessions per ring (2) and track set? (details)
Answer: Each set may last anywhere between 8-100 sessions depending on your BEFE/Q2Spa model and your water.

How do we clean and disinfect the orb/array get cleaned? (details)


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