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Testimonial about our QEnergySpa

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Testimonial: QEnergySpa Water Bath or Spa

Testimonial – Have you ever wished for a personal battery charger?

Footbath with orb QEnergySpa TestimonialAs time goes on, and our bodies age, we slow down our activities. Sharing my testimonial may help you understand this fine healing tool. We, who were once girls; become old girls. But we don’t all age at the same pace. Some of us age more gracefully. I want to encourage you with the fact that you can begin to age more gracefully. In fact, you can actually reverse the aging process, at least outwardly. I have a battery charger that I use every other day for myself and for my husband. It’s called the QEnergySpa and it’s a water bath…it’s a battery charger for the human body.

Testimonial – If other people can become invigorated, so can you.

There’s no reason you have to be left out. This testimonial may help you. If other people can experience rejuvenation, so can you. My personal testimonial involves four people: me, my husband, and two friends. Each of us uses the Q regularly and each of us sees remarkable results.

I’ll list some of them here for you:

  • At first, a burst of energy lasts for part of a day.
  • With consistent use, marked increase in energy and STRENGTH, building from day to day.
  • Healthier-looking skin and hair.
  • Fading of liver spots, bumps, and moles!
  • Tremendous lessening of gout swellings and pains; and arthritis discomforts.
  • Soothing of abnormal brain waves, thinking patterns, and MOODS. (Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depressive Illness)
  • Able to sleep better.
  • Relief from CHRONIC FATIGUE.
  • Trauma relief.
  • Fewer falls.
  • Weaker sugar cravings.

If other people can leave their diseases behind, so can you.

Testimonial about our QEnergySpa
I’ve heard many personal testimonials of children coming out of severe autistic disorders. People are being healed of various types of cancers. Others find their lymphatic systems being purged. Many others tell about life-changing improvements after surgeries and injuries. I’ve read a single-blind scientific study made concerning the effects of the Q on brain function and moods by the Biocybernaut Research Study.

Some people are naturally skeptical when presented with such information.

I hope skepticism won’t keep you from reading this testimonial to pursue this knowledge. … It won’t hurt a bit to study the matter and collect more data. I’d like to expand on my personal testimonial. I’ve had a malfunctioning liver for at least 2 decades, looking back in hindsight. My skin started to turn yellow about 20 years ago, then as the years accumulated into decades, I began to look orange. Some would say I looked tanned all year round, even in the northwest Montana winter weather. But if they looked more closely, they could tell my skin had a dark orange tint…it wasn’t tan. Of course, I didn’t know anything was wrong with me. At that time, I wasn’t knowledgeable about liver health or any kind of health. And I certainly didn’t know that the organ called the liver is the most important organ to keep clean! I didn’t know why my skin was becoming spotted and bumpy either….or that my skin could be renewed.

Hurray for the Q Water Bath!

But now I know because it is happening. My moles and bumps and what we traditionally call “liver spots” are fading away. Hurray for the Q Water Bath or Spa treatments! What we see on my skin is only the tip of the iceberg. Gary Young, of Young Living Essential Oils, has taught me that fact. All those spots are also represented on the surface of my brain, in an even greater proportion. Spots on the skin indicate aging of the brain and an overfilling of the liver!

There are 3 models of Q manufactured today.

q26 Economy Model

The Economy Model (#q26) is the one my husband and I use, but it’s not the recommended one. First of all, it was the original model and has been improved upon. It is not as gentle on the body as the two upper models, and its power supply is not as strong. This means it will take longer to achieve the highest level of good health. However, if you’re on a limited budget, the economy model will energize and cleanse your body, eventually recharging as well as the other two models.

q36 Home User Model

The Home User Model (#q36) is an upgrade. It has improved circuitry and it can be used for more than just a few people. This model delivers a cleaner source of power, so the clarity of the energy supplied to your body is more beneficial and shows powerful results more quickly. It treats your body gently as opposed to the Economy Model. This means you’re less likely to have side effects from purging toxins.

q6000 Pro Model

The upper model is the Practitioner Model (#q6000). Its computer-controlled circuitry automatically selects the correct energy output for your water conditions. Other innovative features include system diagnostics and display, an automatic timer that turns the system off when the session is over, and two orbs instead of one. This model has a 24-month warranty and is suitable to use for many people. If you’re interested to help others outside your immediate family, this is the model to choose from. Two orbs allow the practitioner to schedule consecutive clients (one orb is in use while the other one is being cleaned).

Compare All Models here

You may view photos of each of these models here: ( On that site, you will also find technical information and lists of accessories provided. The company is headquartered in Australia with the main USA-based sales and service in Denver, CO. Written training materials, audio-visual materials, and thorough phone training are provided. I sell them because the QEnergySpa does what it claims to be able to do: recharge the human body. When your body is recharged, it will have MUCH greater energy reserves to do what it knows best: provide energy for healing and after that… maintain your health. Don’t be left behind.

Here’s how we use the Q.

When first using the Q, we used a foot bath, filled with warm water in which to submerge the Q Orb and our own two feet. As time went on, we graduated to the full-body bath, one person at a time of course. The sessions last 35 minutes to allow for the energy cycle of water (which is 17 minutes and 1 second). A 35-minute session assures us of at least one full energy cycle of water. We each use the Q every other day. We use it no more than every other day in order to allow our bodies to adjust to the energy boost and to utilize energy efficiently. This takes at least 24 hours.

Not all old girls age gracefully, but YOU can!

Not all old girls age gracefully, but YOU can! Please believe me, because I’m speaking from experience: you can reverse your aging process. Even if you haven’t aged gracefully up to this point, you can do a turnaround. Literally, every time I see one of my old friends around town, they start the conversation by saying, “Well, YOU’RE looking good!” I’m glad to have discovered the QEnergySpa by going to the Young Living Clinic in the spring of 2003. I was given a 35-minute treatment as part of my clinical experience and within two days I could see a lightening of my orange skin color. If you know anything about liver overload and toxicity, you know that was a major improvement!

Do you have a testimonial to share? Contact me with your testimonial, I would love to hear/see it!

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