QEnergySpa BEFE q26P

QEnergySpa BEFE q26P Personal User

Purchase includes…
1. QEnergySpa, BEFE q26P
2. One(1) Orb & Cable (Water Module)
3. Ten (10) Spare Replacement Ring & Tracks
4. 2 Year Warranty

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QEnergySpa BEFE q26P Personal User


QEnergySpa BEFE q26PQEnergySpa BEFE q26P

This is a Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE Technology which effectively is a Bio-Energy Therapy which uses water as a medium to enhance the bio-energy at the cellular level increasing your body’s overall wellness. The Original Technology from Queensland Australia, invented in 1995 and released through the company Q the Experience Australia in 1996. The Ultimate in Anti-Aging, faster recovery and overall health.

Discover how to Re-Energize and Re-Vitalize your body.

Feel better than you have for years.

The q26P series utilizes a single circuit to manage the power for both the Orb and the internal circuitry. Compared to the models q6000 and q36, this model may take a little longer to achieve the same results. The q26P includes a number of features such as input and output fuse protection and thermal cutout, ensuring your safety.


  • Optimal level selection (Manual adjust to water quality)
  • Built in self protection & safety cut-out
  • Improved Bio-Energetic Field Enhancement
  • Improved Electrical Signal Clarity
  • Built to International Electrical Safety Isolation Standards IEC60601.1
  • Compliance to Domestic CE Mark standards
    The original B.E.F.E. technology recommended for Personal use.

    Purchase includes…

    The Content of the box you will receive is…

    1. QEnergySpa, BEFE q26 Personal User Model
    2. One(1) Orb & Cable (Water Module)
    3. Ten (10) Spare Replacement Ring & Tracks
    4. 2 Year Warranty

    Warranty and Guarantees

          QEnergySpa BEFE 2 Year Warranty             2 Year Warranty

    • 2 years limited warranty on the QEnergySpa, BEFE Technology
    • 30 Days on all consumables
    30days-Consumer-Protection 30 days consumer protection If you are not happy with your purchase within 30 days, you may return the full product for a full refund, less a 20% admin fee to cover the consumable items of this technology.
    30 Years Support Life time support protection30 years repair guarantee.  We guarantee that we will be able to keep your QEnergySpa operational for at least 30 years.  We actually believe that we will be able to keep the QEnergySpa operational indefinitely.  The average repair costs outside of warranty being under $100 plus S&H.
    Outstanding Customer Support Outstanding Support We are here for you.  We endeavor to be available for you for the life of the QEnergySpa, BEFE to assist you with operating the technology and answer questions as they come up.
    ifetime Repair Guarantee Life time repair Our technology is designed to last.  We will be able to keep your QEnergySpa, BEFE technology operational indefinitely.
    Quality Product from Q the Experience, Future Life Science, Future Life Science and QBiotechnologies Quality Product from Q the Experience, Future Life Science, Future Life Science and QBiotechnologies Pty Ltd, Trusted for over 20 years.
    Patented Technology Patented Technology The QEnergySpa, BEFE is patented technology that works.
    made-in-australia Made in Australia Quality Product made in our own workshop in Queensland Australia.
    Original BEFE Technology Original BEFE Technology This is the Original BEFE technology invented and manufactured in Australia and sold by Q the Experience Australia for now over 20 years.

    This is the technology that started all the ionic footbath/footspa detox industry with the QEnergySpa, BEFE still the very best in the industry.

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    First of all, we have all parts to fit ALL BEFE and QEnergySpa models. In addition, the most asked for parts include replacement
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Additional information

Weight 180 oz
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 in


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