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Bio-Energy Therapy

What is Bio-Energy Therapy?

Bio-Energy Therapy is all around us.

• It is in the air we breathe.
• It is in the water we drink.
• It is in the Food we consume.
• It is in every living thing.

Bio-Energy Therapy, Bio-electricity

Bio-Energy Therapy Bio Energy human bio-field

Bio-energy therapy includes bio-electricity is generated by the cellular exchange of negatively and positively charged particles called ions. With the abundance of bio-energy surrounding us, science currently has no way of discerning the difference in bio-energy levels between you and your environment.

The body is a bioelectric organism.

Its trillions of cells produce and use electricity as their driving force, or life force. These ions are formed when minerals, which have been broken down by the stomach’s hydrochloric acid, come together in body fluids. A tiny electrical charge is generated when potassium is released from inside a cell and is replaced with sodium.

When the current has passed, the potassium is pumped back into the cell, and sodium is pumped out.

Dr. Lendon Smith explains, “In this way, the cells act like tiny batteries with their own electromagnetic current. The collection of all these electrical forces about the trillions of our cells constitutes our energy system. It is this subtle energy that produces life. Fatigue may be that the batteries have run down.” The body’s dependence on electrical charges has never been in dispute, but scientists are now beginning to understand the vital roles it plays in the various systems in the body.

White blood cells can produce electricity

A medical team at Geneva’s University Hospital has discovered that white blood cells can produce electricity, which will help researchers understand better how the human body fights microbes. Until Dr. Jacques Schrenzel, Dr. Karl-Heinz Krause, and their colleagues at the Geneva hospital’s infectious diseases division unraveled the mystery. It was not known how the cells generate the body’s lethal weapon against invading bacteria and fungi-toxic oxygen radical superoxide.

NADPH oxidase generates electron currents

The Geneva team reported it had identified an enzyme in nature (NADPH oxidase) that generates electron currents through cellular membranes. These currents, which are identical to those that light an electric bulb but ten billion times smaller, convert oxygen to the microbe-killing superoxide. The discovery made by the Geneva medical team helps to explain why the QEnergySpa aids healing and have the potential to eliminate bacteria and fungi infections. Because the potential voltage in the cell membrane is increased, the immune system can be substantially enhanced. This effect also aids in prevention by maintaining the effectiveness of the cellular function.

The QEnergySpa is capable of generating a bio-energy field

Bio-Energy Therapy The Bio-Charge forms between the platesThe QEnergySpa System is a unit that when placed into water is capable of generating a bio-energy therapy field similar to that of any water-based vessel (that which contains water). Since the only naturally occurring substance with an energy field is water, the unit is used in water. Creating a field with these properties cannot be done simply. You require a process that already has some of the unique frequencies present in it. The water interacts with an electric current to produce the bio-charge. While water is a very important part of the process a magnetic field is needed to make it work properly.

BioEnergy Therapy: Passing electrical current

Passing electrical current between specially designed plates in the water creates the magnetic field. The resultant bio-charge is the product of a combination of water, electricity, metal, and magnetism. The advantages of creating such a field are its usage of a living organism.

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