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Routine for Health

 Routine for Health with a QEnergySpa Foot Bath

Feet in foot bathWe encourage our clients to create a routine with the QEnergySpa footbath from the moment they purchase it.
By creating a schedule and tracking your success with a Symptomology Chart (Download here) you will be able to see your health improve.

Planning to stay healthy in today’s toxic world is a challenge. We live with more chemicals than ever before. Toxins reside in our air, water, and food. The QEnergySpa session is a wellness treatment with no pills, no drugs, no needles. No pain and no side effects using water as the natural and universal medium to realign, balance and enhance your biological energy. The QEnergySpa was created to rebalance and amplify the bio-energetic signature of all biological systems (including you).

Based upon the only REAL Water-Based Bio-Energy Therapeutic Technology in the World

Routine for HealthHere are some basic benefits experienced. You will wonder how you ever did without it.

• Increases Natural Energy Levels
• Can make you feel younger and more active in life
• Reduces Stress and Tension
• Restores Harmony and Balance
• Improve Sleep Patterns
• Feel better

Create a Routine to Refresh, Revitalize, and Re-energize as Therapy

Use for up to 35 minutes, every 2nd Day. This is a simple routine and easy for anyone to use.
Routine is powerful. It can help you sustain health and your potential to heal.

QEnergySpa Supports Healing Therapies

We have been your footbath choice for over two decades. We are the creators of this technology. We have designed and built the most effective total-body detoxification system that is sold worldwide. The QEnergySpa has been proven to help the body eliminate toxins such as heavy metals and glyphosate, the chemical known to destroy your microbiome. As an ionization foot bath, it is easy to use.

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The most requested items include ring and track sets, orbs, cables, fuses, and copper tubs. Our story started more than 20 years ago with the original foot bath, the BEFE QEnergySpa. Today, our QEnergySpa Footbaths span the globe. Because of our proven commitment to providing the best, millions trust us to deliver a superior wellness tool, the QEnergySpa.

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QEnergySpa Models

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The most asked for parts include cables, fuses, orbs, and ring and track sets.

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