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Why Use a Footbath

Why Use a Footbath which is the #1 Choice for the World

Why Use a Footbath? Feet in footbathWhy use a footbath? Why is the QEnergySpa Footbath water module so unique? The QEnergySpa module, once placed into water, generates a complex electromagnetic signature and harmonic energies that interact with the water and the person’s unique bioenergy field. The advantage of creating a field with some of the properties compatible with life is that it can be used on a living organism with minimum disruption and completely negate the side effects that are all too common with things artificial.

Why Use a Footbath from Creating a field with these properties can not be done simply.

You require something that already has some of the unique frequencies present in it. The only naturally occurring substance with this property is water. This is why the unit is used in water. The water actually interacts in a special way with an electric current to produce the bio-charge. While water is a very important part of the process, magnetic fields are needed to make it work properly.

Why Use a Footbath? Footbath Benefits Bio-charge and Magnetic Fields

Why Use a Footbath? Prepare The Bath for a QEnerrgy SpaPassing a 24-volt direct current between specially designed plates in water creates magnetic fields. The bio-charge, which results, is the product of the water, modulated electricity, metal ring material composition, and a complex magnetic pattern. One of the challenges of creating a unit that is suitable for everyone is that everyone is different. Everybody has their own unique personal bio-signature, which means his or her frequency is a little different from the next person.

Why Use a Footbath? The Q2 unit instantly adjusts to your frequency.

It is possible because water contains the natural base frequencies in your body. Not all the frequencies needed are there, but they are pretty close. Water is an active substance, so when water comes into contact with something, the frequency of what it contacts is integrated into its own frequency structure and thus becomes its signature. Because you are mostly made of water your ability to interact with it is very high. When you immerse yourself in the water your frequency is instantly added to the water as a “memory”. (not unlike the concept behind homeopathy and magnetically structured water).

Immerse the Frequency Thru Water

Delta Event SequenceWhat it all means is that if YOU are immersed in water with a Q2 Unit, the bio-charge produced will contain your own personal frequencies. This is because the Bio-charge when induced, copies the frequencies already in the water (this means you), so only 1 person can use the unit at a time. You also need to change the water each time the unit is used, especially if someone else is going to use the bath. As your pattern stays in the water for some time.

Soaking feet in warm water benefits charging your body.

Only ONE body at a time. NO energy containing someone else’s signature should not be done. Note: The frequency of an individual does not affect the unit or stay in the unit itself.

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