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Orb II Top Button Replacement part. It fits in the top of the Orb II Shell.  As the Orb ages and is used often, this is a part that may fall apart over time. Simply replace it.

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Orb Top Button fits Orb II

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QEnergySpa Orb Top Button| Item # OrbBT
Display all QEnergySpa Options. Start Here. Manufactured in Australia, the QEnergySpa is unlike any technology available today. Owing not only to the science it is based upon (Quantum Reality Field Science, QRFS) but also to the highly specific design details of the Orb (water module). As well as the manufacturer-specific electronic matched circuit components within the three available power supplies. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions.

 Orb Top Button 

Orb Top Button fits Orb II

Orb Top Button part. It fits on the top of the Orb II Shell.  As the Orb ages and is used often, the Orb Top Button may fall apart over time. Simply replace it.

 Item # OrbBT

 Included: Orb Top Button



How Do I install the Orb Top Button?


TOP Button Install Step 6 Where do the buttons go?

How do you install them?

See the image here.

You may also see the full Assembly Guide HERE


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