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ORB Assembly Guide


ORB Assembly Guide

This diagram shows all the parts of the ORB Assembly Guide and the corresponding number of each part. To avoid any misunderstanding, please refer to these names and numbers when discussing the Orb assembly with your consultant.

ORB Assembly Guide Components:

ORB II Assembly Guide - Large Exploded orb assembly

  1. Bottom Orb Shell (Base)
  2. Bottom Button (Bottom Ring Assembly)
  3. Positive Ring (Sharp Edge facing UP)
  4. Positive Track
  5. Center Module (Copper & two Rings)
  6. Positive Ring (Sharp Edge facing DOWN)
  7. Top Button (Top Ring Assembly)
  8. Top Orb Shell
  9. Cable Connector (Mohawk)
  10. Locking clip



ORB Assembly Guide Step-by-step

Each step is noted here. Please see below for a step-by-step larger view.

ORB Assembly Guide 1 ORB Assembly Guide 2 ORB Assembly Guide 3 ORB Assembly Guide 4
ORB Assembly Guide 5 ORB Assembly Guide 6 ORB Assembly Guide 7 ORB Assembly Guide 8
ORB Assembly Guide 9 ORB Assembly Guide 10 ORB Assembly Guide 11 ORB Assembly Guide 12 ORB Assembly Guide 13







Step 1a. Begin with the Bottom Shell (Orb Base)

Step 1a. Begin with the Bottom Shell


Step Explanations:
Begin the Assembly by taking the Bottom Orb Shell (#1).

Take note of the brass post recess as shown here.



Step 1b. Insert the first Ring with Brass Post.

Install Button Step 1


Step Explanations:
Press the Bottom Button (#2) into the Bottom Orb Shell

with the Brass Post pointing down to fit into the recess.


Step 2. Inserting the 2nd Ring.

Orb Assembly Step 2
Step Explanations:
Place one Positive Ring (#3) into the Orb Shell.

For optimal performance please ensure that the

less-rounded edge of the Positive Ring face up.


Step 3. Inserting the Positive Track.

Orb Assembly Step 3
Step Explanations:
Place the Positive Track (#4) into the Orb

Shell, resting on (A) the Positive Ring

and (B) the indent on the Orb Shell.


Step 4. Inserting the Center Module.

Orb Assembly Step 4
Step Explanations:
Fit the Center Module (#5) into the Orb Shell between the

Positive Track arms as shown, (B) ensuring that the Negative

Track (A) is directly opposite the Positive Track. The Center

Module (#5) should rest on the Bottom Button (#2) and be level within the Orb Shell.


Step 5. Inserting the 2nd Positive Ring.

Orb Assembly Step 5
Step Explanations:
Place the remaining Positive Ring (#6) into the

Orb resting on top of the Positive Track (#4) as shown (A).

For optimal performance please ensure that the

less-rounded edge of the Positive Ring faces down.


Step 6a.

Orb Assembly Step 6a
Step Explanations:

Take the Top Orb Shell (#8)

and locate the hole in the top.



Step 6b. Inserting the Top Button.

Orb Assembly Step 6b
Step Explanations:
Insert the Top Button (#7) into the Top Orb Shell so that

the Brass Post protrudes through the hole. Gently rotate

it so that it goes in smoothly. It should hold in firmly.


Step 7a. Fitting the Top Orb Shell.


Orb Assembly Step 7a
Step Explanations:
Align the arrows (A) on the rear of the Orb Shell.

When placed correctly, the Tab on the rear of the

Bottom Orb Shell (B) will match up with the Hole (B)

on the rear of the Top Orb Shell.


Step 7b. Closing the Top Orb Shell.

Orb Assembly Step 7b
Step Explanations:
Close the Top and Bottom Orb shells as if hinged at the back.

The small indent in the Top Shell (C) will align with the

Positive Track Eyelet (#4).


Step 8a. Locate Guide Slots.

Orb Assembly Step 8a
Step Explanations:

Locate the Guide Slots

and the Top Slot in the Orb.


Step 8b. Fitting the Cable Connector.

Orb Assembly Step 8bStep Explanations:
Slide the tip of the Cable Connector (#9) into the Top Slot of the Orb.

Align the Guide Pins with the Guide Slots in the Orb and push the

Cable Connector firmly against the Orb.



Step 9. Locking the Cable Connector in place.

Orb Assembly Step 9
Step Explanations:
Ensure that there is no gap between the Orb

and the Cable Connector. Whilst holding the

Cable Connector firmly against the Orb, slide

the Locking Clip (#10) upward fastening the

Cable Connector to the Orb.

Step 10. Locking the Cable Connector in place.

Orb Assembly Step 10
Step Explanations:
Ensure the Locking Clip clicks

over the top of the Locking Pins

on the Cable Connector.



Your Orb is now complete.

Orb Assembly Step 11
Step Explanations:
Your Orb is now complete and ready

to begin a Q ENERGYspa session.


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