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QEnergySpa Footbath Practitioner List

QEnergySpa Footbath Practitioner List

Authorized Q2 Practitioners in your area.
If you do not find a practitioner in your area, please Contact Us HERE
This is only a partial list and we will help you get your feet in the Q.
United States of America
California    Colorado    Indiana
Massachusetts    Michigan    Montana    Nevada
New Mexico    S Carolina    Tennessee    Washington

Feet and orb in a copper tub. Find a Q2 Practitioner in your area.

Many of our customers would like to order their products from someone that

lives near them so that they can provide more personal service. If you would like

to notify one of our trusted authorized agents, please scroll through the list

below for someone in your area.



Lincoln, CA
Teresa Henderson, CH



Aurora, CO
Wendy Dayton
Local: 720-541-3719

Boulder, CO
Lynn Thore
Local: 303-444-5336

Colorado Springs, CO
Anita Valenzuela
Local: 719-477-3913

Indian Hills, CO
Dr. Diane Spindler
Local: 303 697 1736

Westminster, CO
Dr. Valenzuela
Local: 303-463-3306

Sulphur Springs, IN
Karen Lowry
Reflexology & Nutrition Center
Call: 765-533-6070

Brookline, Cambridge, Maynard, MA
Cecilia Bennett MS RD LDN
Local: 617-864-3080

Bay City, MI
Sally VanSickle
Local: 989.893.9480

Glendive, MT
Angela Harris
Local: 720-584-6212
Angela’s Website

North Las Vegas, NV
Donnia Bradley
Local: 918-230-1372

Albuquerque, NM
Nancy Stern D.C.
Local: (505)897-0321
Intuitive Healing

Hilton Head, SC
Dr. Brett Stohrer
Local: 843 842-4737
Hilton Head Natural Medicine

Liberty, SC
Marilyn Dickerson
Local: 864-843-1312

Clarksville, TN
Dr. Pamela Porter
Local: 931-905-6848


Seattle, WA
Aubra Alexandar
Local: 206-547-0420
Metamorphosis Holistic Spa

Seattle, WA
Astara Burlingame
Local: 206-604-7706


Due to the Covid-19 social distancing recommendations, we continue to do our best while observing the government mandates. We continue to process and ship orders. There may be some delays, due to FedEx and USPS shipping challenges. We continue to do our best to serve our customers while observing government mandates. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Our most important update:
• New q6000 machine - we are now taking pre-orders and expect delivery late October 2020. See details: • No other changes to product availability.