Power Supply Repair Service


We Can Fix Your Power Supply

We include a 90-Day Warranty on all power supply repairs and services. Please call before you send it in.  Sometimes we can troubleshoot over the phone. Most repairs lie within the orb and cable.  Let’s chat before you send it in.

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Power Supply Repair

We can Repair Your Power Supply

Power Supply repair 3024D BEFE sideDo you need service? Is your QEnergySpa or BEFE not working? No problem, we can fix it. We rarely see many repairs. In fact, up to 90% of our repairs include impact damage. Have you dropped or “bumped” your Q? We can fix it. Please know, there is a circuit board in your Q Machine. It is similar to a computer. It requires gentle care. It is fragile. Please be careful when handling your Power Supply Repair, as well as your orb or array. They can break easily when dropped!!


We Have ALL the Parts to Fix it!

QEnergySpa q36We will always have all parts necessary to complete your Power supply repair. ALWAYS ship your Power Supply complete, along with cable and orb or array. This way we can duplicate your problem exactly. This will confirm where the problem lies. A clean water module – orb or array will provide a better session. Conductivity will be renewed and you will be pleased with a happy session!

Is your QEnergySpa or BEFE having problems? Need Power Supply Repair? Not sure of the problem?

Power Supply Repair ServiceDoes your QEnergySpa Power Supply have a broken or missing part also?  Then you have found the right place. Q2Spa.com repairs most units within 48 hours as we maintain a supply of parts for most models. It is preferred that customers call prior to shipping your unit due to our past history of being able to troubleshoot the problem over the phone saving time and money for you, the customer.


QEnergySpa Repair Service includes fixing all QEnergySpa devices.

We also refurbish arrays and restore orbs. We are your North American QEnergySpa Sales and Service Center. It is extremely rare that we can’t fix your machine.

1. Power Supply Repair Expertise

Our skilled technicians have over 40 years of experience in diagnosing and fixing issues with electronic devices. This expertise can lead to effective and efficient repairs.

2. Cost-Effective

Repairing a device is generally more cost-effective than buying a brand-new one. It can extend the lifespan of your device and save you money in the long run.

3. Environmental Benefits

Repairing devices help reduce electronic waste, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to consumer electronics.

4. Convenience

Repair services offer convenience, as you don’t need to spend time researching and purchasing a new device. You can get your existing device fixed and continue using it.

5. Warranty

We include a 90-day warranty with all repairs. You will be satisfied with our technician experience and expertise.

Do you need spare parts for your QEnergySpa?

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Does your QEnergySpa have a broken or missing part also? Then you have found the right place. First of all, we have all parts to fit ALL BEFE and QEnergySpa models. In addition, the most asked-for parts include replacement rings and tracks, cables, orb parts, orb shells, and orb buttons. We also offer all services including warranty and repair. Q2Spa.com offers models to meet almost every budget. You may see all the Q2Spa.com used models, Go here.

Lastly, what is new at Q2Spa.com? Check out our Blog, look here.

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