Array 2000 Repair


An Array 2000 repair will help to provide a better session. Conductivity will be renewed. You will be pleased with an awesome session! We include a 90-Day Warranty.



Array 2000 Repair

Array 2000 Repair

Array 2000 Repair - Dirty Array 2000 water module that needs extensive cleaning Are you ready for an Array 2000 Repair? Does your Array 2000 water module look like the one on the left? Let’s repair it for you. All Array 2000 repairs are done in Denver. We will inspect the array for the parts needed.


Repair the array into a “like new” condition.

Prior to repair, we will call you to take any additional payment, if need be. Turn around time for an array 2000 repair is about 72 hours. If you decline the repair, we may also take your old array in on trade for a new orb. The average trade-in value is $20. We like to recycle what we can. We may be able to use your parts to fix another array in the future.

Renewed Array 2000

Array 2000

See how it looks once it’s repaired! Once we receive your Array 2000, we will review and decide which parts are needed. We will then update the price and call you with your exact repair fee if it changes. This price will vary, depending on the parts required.  We will add any parts needed to complete the array unless you shipped it complete.

ALWAYS ship your cable along with the repair to confirm where the problem lies.

This is to make sure that we can test it in detail. This also confirms that you can use it without having to assemble it after returning it to you.  A clean array provides a better session. Conductivity will be renewed. You will be pleased with an awesome session!

New Copper Ring

Over time the copper ring wears down in both the array and orb. This is one of the reasons we have upgraded and replaced the array with the orb. All of the Orb Parts are easy to order and replace on your own with the orb. The array copper ring replacement is an in-house repair. The array is disassembled to replace the copper.

Many times acrylic parts break and need to be replaced as well.

This is why we have such a costly repair for arrays. There are folks out there that love to still use their old array. I am one of them. Give us a call with any questions you may have. We will be happy to receive your array without pre-payment. All estimates are FREE. Prepaying for your repair does expedite the turnaround time. We do look forward to being of service.

Array 2000 History – Vintage 1999-2003

The Array 2000 (water module) was our second mainstream Array.  It was shipped with the BEFE power supply model numbers: 3006, 3024B, 3024D, and 2100s. We still have many customers that love and use their array still today!

Is your QEnergySpa or BEFE having problems? Uncertain of the problem?

 We prefer that you call prior to shipping the unit due to the past history of being able to fix the problem over the phone saving time and money for you. Does your QEnergySpa have a broken or missing part also? Then you have found the right place. We also offer all services including warranty and repair. also offers Certified Used Models to meet almost every budget. You may see all the used models, Go here.

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