Used Attenuator for BEFE


Used Attenuator – Very good condition. Fits BEFE 3006 ONLY.

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Used Attenuator for BEFE 3006

Used Attenuator fits BEFE 3006


A used attenuator is a rare find. This used attenuator fits the originally imported BEFE 3006 ONLY.  All future BEFE/QEnergySpa machines had the attenuator built-in. So, if you own an old befe 3006, a used attenuator might be something you may look for. Many times a used BEFE 3006 may be sold without this unique part.


This Used Attenuator is in great condition.

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Used Attenuator fits BEFE 3006 cable connection Attenuator fits BEFE 3006

Attenuator fits BEFE 3006Attenuator fits BEFE 3006
Attenuator fits BEFE 3006Attenuator fits BEFE 3006

How to Use:

The attenuator attaches to the BEFE 3006, where the water module (orb or array) cable attaches to the power unit. The cable attaches to the attenuator. There is a toggle switch to adjust the conductivity you choose. Put the water module into the foot bath and enjoy it. Should you have any further questions on how to use it, please contact us.

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