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Detox Scams

Water Detox Scams

 There are a variety of therapeutic footbath products on the market that make it look like detox footbaths are a scam. I receive phone calls and emails from prospective clients regarding “detox foot spa” and its results. The dirt in the water does come from the water itself and from the water modules used. Please read this article to better understand the truth: QEnergySpa vs. “copy-cats”.

Detox Scams land in this Trash Can of scam trades

The foot bath therapies fall under many names.

Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE, Foot Spa, Detox Foot Bath, Foot Detox Spa, Aqua Detox, Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Detoxification Foot Spa, Energizer Detox, Cell Spa Foot Detox, Chi Detox, Bio Detox, Water Detox, Aqua Chi, Ion Cleanse, Bio-Cleanse, EB 305, EB Pro, Aqua Detox, Cell Spa and Energetic Foot Bath – just to name a few.

The Detox footbath hoax has been running since 2002.

Since Mr. Bob Moroney, who was a former client of the BEFE machine prior to that, decided that he would no longer stick to the guidelines of what the technology really did for people because on a marketing angle talking about the dirt in the water was such a visual that would increase sales dramatically. Bob decided to produce his own device. With full knowledge that his technology does not work; as he stated to the original inventor of the BEFE technology, but does he care? It is about profits.

The QEnergySpa® is unique …and the REAL Original Therapeutic Footbath

QEnergySpa BEFE Q6000 Pro The QEnergySpa should not be included in this list of scams. The QEnergySpa is different and quite unique and original and with a little more research. The QEnergySpa is one technology that is much more than a simple detox. Detoxification is not a one-time magical fix. Detoxification is a continuous bodily process. By energizing every cell throughout your entire body, you will effectively on a larger scale energize every organ. As they function more effectively, they will automatically detoxify more than usual.  A simple urine test can confirm that.

Previous Historical Science and Technologies

I am sorry to inform you that NONE of the “Copy-cat” technologies have anything to do with Dr. Royal Rife, Schuberger, Tesla, or Vortex technologies. Their names have been used in an attempt to claim they invented it along with past scientific efforts. It is a con. It is interesting how each of the copies claims to be the originator of the technology.


The Aqua Detox is said to have been developed by “Dr.” Mary Staggs based on “research” by Royal Rife. Staggs, who is British, obtained two naturopathy degrees from a non-accredited American correspondence school and appears to do most of her work in Spain. For example, the water module is the same as the Ion-Cleanse, while she continues to use information from other people’s websites and still claims that she is the originator of the/her technology. Yes, that is very original and very shameful.

Royal Rife

Dr. Royal Rife

Royal Rife was an American inventor who, during the 1920s, designed a very powerful microscope that could detect living microbes by the color of their vibratory rates. He developed an instrument called the Rife Frequency Generator that generated radio waves with precisely the same frequency as 15 bacteria and viruses. Though it was only in the late 1960s that scientists discovered living cells emitting light, Rife with his own technology discovered this in the 1920s.

You should be very careful about the different technologies because ionization is a hoax. Free radicals in the body may damage your DNA in the long term, we do not really know yet. Don’t take the chance and produce anymore.

The Original Technology

The original technology is only available via a QEnergySpa Machine – no other. It was called Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE. Now referred to as the QEnergySpa, the Q, Q2, or simply BEFE. This technology was designed specifically to enhance the energy, already present within the water, which when a body is immersed into, will absorb the bio-energy, much like a domino effect from cell to cell and as much as is needed at that time. The body then utilizes this boost of bio-energy to heal itself in the order of priority that it has within. It is an Australian invention by a company called Q Tech and has been used since 1996 all over the world with many benefits reported.

Remain a Skeptic, it is preferred

It is preferred that you remain a skeptic, prove it for yourself. Take any of these technologies with the knowledge that it is about promoting all life and better health and treat seeds, plants, animals, and yourself and see the results (Actually we do not recommend that you treat yourself).

The true BEFE technology will amaze you, the rest will unfortunately not only disappoint you but may make you very angry because they are dangerous.

They kill seeds, where they should promote life and the long-term effects from human use is yet to be estimated.  It is just that the human body has such a fantastic repair mechanism that we do not notice anything in the short term. Ivan Krell Serensen, Q Tech president, has personally witnessed the detox (which is the Australian marketed Ion-Cleanse) come into Australia from the beginnings and he was appalled at the pale sick looking people, who looked fine only 6 months prior to starting with the iDetox (Is that like iSnack2.0). Ivan Krell Serensen, Q Tech president quotes: “But I do believe in the short term benefit, so we are talking about the long term side effects. But they will not listen. Had I been in their shoes I would have hoped that I would have an open mind to at least listen and run a few trials first before completely breaking all forms of communications. Mr. Bob Moroney’s own son was listening until other people got involved”.

If you are interested in running a few experiments, please contact me, I will be happy
to assist you with your trials and may be able to email you with a few links that may help.

Scam color chart



  1. Above all, ignore all the watercolors and all the smells, they are irrelevant.
  2. There are far too many parameters that affect the outcome in the water, from the lunar cycle to the temperature, humidity, altitude to the minerals and salts in the water, and many more. See: Water Color Facts
  3. If you have to add any more than a “pinch of salt” to normal tap water, then the unit is not performing the intended function in the water and is therefore not believed to have any benefits at all.
  4. Check that the device does not use any normal switch mode power supplies or any other switching (dimmer type) technologies as it will be producing harmonic noise which will interfere with the resonance within the water.
  5. Try it on a handful of seeds first. If the seed survives and thrives, then you may have a good product, if do not use it on yourself as you will be doing more harm than good in the long term.

The above is my personal perspective on this very corrupt industry having worked with it for over 10 years and I am a US Distributor/Supplier from the original company: QtheExperience Australia. We are the people that started it all. When I think of why I became involved in this industry, I am ashamed to see what has become.



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