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Bio-Electric Field Benefits

Bio-Electric Field Benefits – Q2 Water Energy System
By Janette Adams

Q2 Water Energy System System and bio-electric field benefits

The Q2 Water Energy System System was presented at the Global Sciences Congress in Colorado in August 1999. It is the latest in bio-electric field benefits and home-based therapies developed by Q-Tech Laboratories in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Bioelectricity generator electric medicine was commonly used last century and early this century until the pharmaceutical industry began supporting medical schools, then the teaching of electric medicine was eliminated.

Bio-electric Field Benefits

Few medical devices are as visual as the Q2 Water Energy System System. It is placed in a standard bathtub after the person receiving the therapy is already in the water. The System delivers a bio-charge to the body’s frequency, which recharges the body’s electrical system and gives you an energy boost. The treatment lasts from 25 –30 minutes. The water becomes discolored while the body releases toxins and foreign materials as it detoxifies the dermal layers (skin).

Bio-Electric Field BenefitsOur Bodies are Bio-electric

Some healing systems use a square wave “DC” pulse to affect the body, but water contains a bio-charge pattern where the frequencies are constantly changing and have patterns within patterns. Our bodies are electrical and seventy percent of water. Logically, the QEnergy Spa System could not only recharge our bodies. It may also enhance healing and reduce stress. Therefore, achieve a rate of success that has not been achieved using other principles. It is a therapeutic aid for pain management and healing.

Minimize Pain

Enhance your Bio-electric field. The benefits of the System are almost unlimited and include increased vitality and energy, pain relief, faster recovery time, improved concentration and sleeping patterns, increased perception and well-being improved liver, kidney, and endocrine function, as well as reduced inflammation and swelling. Other benefits include reduced arthritic and menstrual pain, assisting with incontinence, and gout conditions, organic toxin neutralization, and much more. The complex magnetic fields of the System permeate and realign your body’s energy field, allowing the body to function better.
QEnergySpa BEFE Q6000 Pro

Zero Side Effects and Very Safe

The System is designed for use by all ages as it has no side effects and is completely safe. It cannot be used by people who have battery operated implants such as pacemakers, or implanted organs, during pregnancy or while on a course of prescription drugs. Organic medicines such as herbs are not considered drugs. The Systems come ready to use and have Q-Tech’s guaranteed after-sales service to ensure your system works at peak performance at all times. Systems are built to medical standards and have been tested by the SEQEB to ensure high safety standards.

Why We Need To Detox or Re-energize with the QEnergySpa

Gal on couch with Feet in foot tub and orbWhat’s the rationale for a footbath detox? We need to detox because our bodies (especially our livers and kidneys) have become saturated with toxins. Toxins? Me? Yes, we absorb a variety of toxins through the air we breathe, the fluids we drink, and the food we eat. Toxins can be from air smog, pesticides, fungicides, cleaning solvents, poisons, heavy metals, and substances we don’t even know are leaching into our bodies. They may even be lurching in from our carpet, clothing, or furniture.



Many toxins we ingest are additives and preservatives put into our food.

Were you even aware of that? Toxins and poor-quality food accelerate the aging process at a cellular level.  Recognize the importance of the electric field in real life. A periodic foot detox with the QEnergySpa helps bioelectricity healing counter this process by removing toxins from your body. QSpa users feel relaxed and experience heightened mental clarity. Users report that periodic foot bath sessions provide a greater long-term benefit. | Genuine QEnergySpa Parts

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QEnergySpa BEFE Benefits

QEnergySpa BEFE Benefits are unlimited.

Up to 35 minutes
every other day

QEnergySpa BEFE Benefits Footbath with orb and QEnergySpa
Relax and Enjoy The Q2

QEnergySpa BEFE Benefits Lady in footbath

Because of the QEnergySpa (Q2) Water Detox-Energy System’s ability to improve a body’s
bio-charge, practitioners and their patients who use the device have reported numerous benefits.

The Innovative QEnergySpa, BEFE is unlike any other Therapy.

QEnergySpa BenefitsThe QEnergySpa, BEFE Bio-Energy Therapy offers technology empowering your body to heal.  A human battery charger, energizing and balances our bodies. With every QEnergySpa, BEFE session, the enhanced bio-energy level in the water recharges the life force within you allowing your body to refresh, revitalize and re-energize itself using the energy. The water starts off clear when the feet are first placed in the water. At the end of the thirty-five-minute session, the footbath water will have colors due to a variety of factors. The QEnergySpa, BEFE spa balances the meridians and energizes the body.

    • Some of the benefits include:
  • Bio-energy, using quantum physics and Tesla technology.
  • Ideal for use in professional practice and in the privacy of your own home.
  • The safest, most effective, most trusted and proven bio-energetic product for over 20 years.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • Full support after the sale.
  • 2-year warranty, with extended warranty available.
  • Recommended by thousands around the world.
  • Agricultural applications include plants and animals.
  • The founders and pioneers of this technology.
  • Noninvasive and built to satisfy Stringent International Electrical Safety Standards, IEC 60601.1, and domestic CE mark compliance.

Parasympathetic System Benefits

In addition, the Q2 improves autonomic nervous system activity by increasing parasympathetic tone (measured using heart rate variability). As you may know, the ratio of sympathetic to parasympathetic activity reflects the stress the body is dealing with. Most people, particularly those challenged with degenerative diseases, are afflicted with an overactive sympathetic nervous system and a suppressed parasympathetic system.

The parasympathetic system is also associated with the body’s repair and regeneration mechanisms.

Consistent with this, we have routinely seen that acupuncture meridians become more balanced with the Q2. One unfortunate consequence of the early association with detoxification can be seen in the development of imitation products that draw attention to the electrolytic decomposition of electrodes and associated water impurity precipitation as perceived bodily toxins appearing in the water. Click here to read the Research

Hydrotherapy with the Q2 Water Energy Spa unit does not diagnose or treat disease and is not meant to replace regular visits to your primary health care provider. We encourage regular physical checkups with your health care practitioner of choice. If you have a medical diagnosis please see your medical doctor. Reports of clinical success stories are based on anecdotal experiences of patients and practitioners around the world. Scientific research studies are pending.

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  • Although an individual’s energy field affects the electrochemistry taking place in the water and thus the water’s appearance, detoxification is accomplished through the body’s organs of elimination as they become energized along with other bodily systems. I hope you would like to evaluate this remarkable technology and think that you will be greatly impressed with the scope of its benefits. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
  • In a controlled clinical study measuring emotional and psychological mood scales as well as brain wave analysis, participants had a statistically significant reduction in hostility, anger, depression, and unhappiness, as well as increased alpha brain wave coherence, after a single 35-minute footbath.
  • We have found that not only is detoxification enhanced, but that hydration, water intra, and extracellular compartmentalization, and cell membrane integrity are improved (measured using bioimpedance). Additionally, darkfield microscopy shows a marked improvement in blood between pre and post-sessions.


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The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the FDA.
These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.