Copper Foot Tub


Copper Foot Tubs are available.

We are taking orders. The delivery time is over 3 months.

Choose your  Copper Foot Tub. They are solid, untreated, and unvarnished copper. For use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. This tub fits all foot sizes. This tub is rather cumbersome. It does include handles for easy carrying. Expect to get more life out of your orb due to the conductivity of the copper.

LARGE Copper Foot Tub: (Diameter: 19″ Circumference x 7″ Deep – HEAVY)

SMALL Copper Foot Tub: (Diameter: 16″ Circumference x 7″ Deep)

Canada: additional $100 ship fee

INTL: additional $150.00 ship fee

Choose Your Copper Tub Size Below



Copper Foot Tub

We are taking orders. The delivery time is approx 3 months.

(Good, pure copper has been hard to obtain) | Copper Foot Tub (2 Sizes Large and Small)
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A Copper tub may increase efficiency by 10% to 30% when used with the QEnergySpa.

How: By reflecting/folding the field back upon itself.  (Made to order with a 3-month delivery delay)

This foot tub is solid, untreated, and unvarnished copper.

Copper Foot Tub

Choose your copper tub. They are solid, untreated, and unvarnished copper. For use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. Our copper foot tubs fit all foot sizes. Choose a small or large foot tub. The copper foot tub includes handles for easy carrying. Expect to get more life out of your orb due to the conductivity of the copper.  We do suggest some form of lining to prevent the eventual wearing of the copper from the footbath water. A drawstring trash bag can be used.

(Note: lining does not affect the conductivity & there is no leakage of plastic toxins due to the osmosis environment and boiling point is needed to break down plastic components). (Made to order with a 1-week delay)

All copper tubs are hand-tapped.

They are made in the USA. Our tubs are solid, 100% pure copper, with handles for easy carrying. This foot tub is custom-built for a foot bath session. Fits most foot sizes, has a handle for easy carrying, and is deep enough for optimum water level. Please note: This is a HEAVY tub.


LARGE  Tub: (Diameter: 19″ Circumference x 8″ Deep)

SMALL Tub: (Diameter: 16″ Circumference x 8″ Deep)

Copper Foot bath benefits

Copper is one of the best conductors of electricity. To illustrate, copper is an additional conductor that amplifies energy and frequency. Copper is a natural antibacterial metal. You may improve your foot bath experience using our unique Foot Tub.  When soaking your feet in the tub, it just feels wonderful and luxurious.

FYI: I have used my copper tub with my Q Energy Spa BEFE for over 20 years. It just feels great! Try using a copper tub instead of plastic today! – Debbie Allen



(1) Do I need a copper tub?

A copper tub is recommended. You may also use your bathtub or buy a plastic foot tub (A dish tub works well).  However, as noted above;  the copper tub increases conductivity.

(2) Is the copper tub easy to clean?

Yes. Since the copper tub is 100%, pure copper. Use hot soapy water.

(3) Do I need a plastic lining for the copper foot tub?

Yes and No. YES: If this is used in your clinic,  always use a plastic liner and throw it away.

NO: If this is just you and your family, use soap and water to clean after every use.

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Additional information

Weight70 oz
Dimensions18 × 10 × 6 in
Copper Tub

Copper Tub, Copper Tub, Small # 1SMTub, Copper Tub, Large # 1LGTub

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