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Replace Parts Rings Tracks or Cables

Replace parts – Rings, Tracks, or Cables?

Replace Parts: Worn rings and tracks

Replace Parts and regularly inspect the Rings and Track within the orb.

Replace parts such as the rings and track when visibly pitted. Especially when the edges are worn or thickness has been visibly affected. Note that the more corroded the Rings and Tracks become, the less effective they are. In the picture above, the second ring and track are at the stage at which we recommend that they should be replaced. Replace parts to keep your QEnergySpa running well.

Regularly inspect the Cable, too!


Replace Parts - Worn Cables
Examples: When to Replace Parts: Worn Cables


The second cable connector (Mohawk) from the left in the image shown, may require replacement. You should consider ordering a new cable at this stage. Don’t be tempted to add more conductive agents at this stage in order to get the required conductivity. If the connections are not adequate, the unit will not function correctly and will decrease the life of the Orb considerably. See additional tips here for TROUBLESHOOTING


Factors affecting the lifespan of the Orb:

The Rings and Tracks may generally last 10-100 Sessions.
The Orb and Cable are considered consumables and have a limited lifespan.

The factors affecting the lifespan include:

  • The frequency of use
  • The water source; bore, tank, or tap water. All these sources are continually changing conductivity. For example, your local water authorities are testing water supplies daily and adding the required chemicals depending on their results. Tank water changes depending on pollution levels.
  • Whether a ‘conductive agent’ has been added and what type. Potassium Citrate (Food Grade) causes less wear on the Rings and Track compared to salt. Adding more ‘conductive agent’ when not required, due to insufficient connections, will cause premature degradation of the Orb.
  • Length of time in the cleaning solution. Soak Orb components in the solution for a minimum amount of time.
  • Running the unit at higher settings may degrade the Rings and Track prematurely.
  • Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, altitude, proximity to radio/microwaves, other power sources, and geographical and geological factors will affect the lifespan of the Orb while it is running.
  • The person having the session with the QEnergySpa.

HOW TO MAXIMIZE THE LIFESPAN OF Your Orb, Cable, and Power Supply 

Orb and CableRegularly, inspect the connections on the inside of the cable connector (the Mohawk) for oxidation and wear. Replace the Cable when visibly corroded and pitted. The more corroded the stainless steel cable connectors are, the softer they become, and hence the more likely they are to drop back and rest on the plastic. This can be remedied by inserting a small flathead screwdriver or handle of a teaspoon behind the plate and while holding the point where the connector is attached, easing it forward.

Only recommended as a last resort before ordering a replacement cable.

  • Run your unit at the recommended activity level.
  • Only add a conductive agent when absolutely necessary and then just enough in order for the unit to operate. Please note that after just one session with too much conductive agent added, the life of the Orb and cable will deteriorate rapidly.
  • When cleaning, soak metal components to remove lime, rust, and or scale. However, keep the time in the cleaning solution to a minimum.
  • Never polish or buff the Rings and Track, or center module with any product.
  • Never subject the Orb or Cable Connector to water temperatures higher than bearable to your skin. Do NOT clean the Orb in boiling water, a Dishwasher, or Autoclave.
  • Never file components in order to clean them. You may use a soft toothbrush or a soft plastic kitchen scour. Never scratch or dent the surfaces.
  • Always use the supplied carry bag for storage and transportation to avoid possible damage. Store in a dry, clean place. Be sure to unplug the cable from the Power Supply when not in use.
  • Place the unit away from foot traffic and other hazards while in use.

How To Maintain Good “Connections”

  • Inspect the Orb connections on a regular basis.
  • Pay particular attention to the pins located in the Cable Plug that attaches to the Power Supply. Ensure they have not been corroded, bent, or broken.
  • When the Cable is attached to the Orb, view through the side of the Mohawk to ensure firm connections with the Brass Rod protruding through the top of the Orb shell and the eyelet of the Positive Track on the side of the Orb. Also, ensure that you keep these connections clean and free from corrosion.
  • Ensure that the Positive Track makes a good connection with the Positive Rings.
  • For maximum efficiency, ensure that the Negative Copper Track (not the Copper Ring) connecting the two Negative Rings that form part of the Center Module, is sitting opposite the Positive Track. Refer to Step 4 of the Orb assembly guide.
  • Ensure that the Top and Bottom Buttons are intact and firmly attached to the Brass Rods. If not, replace it.

Are you ready to inquire more about a repair?
If so, please call me, Debbie Allen, at 319-208-1929

Ship all repairs to:

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Health Restore Naturally

Restore Health Naturally with the QEnergySpa

Health technology: The QEnergySpa is a breakthrough

This foot bath is designed to recharge your body’s health. Your “biological battery” gets a “recharge”.  To understand how the QEnergySpa works, think of each cell in your body as a miniature battery. And, just like batteries, when your cells don’t have enough charge, they don’t function properly. This is where the QEnergySpa comes in.

By using the QEnergySpa you are increasing the charge on every cell!

Health recharge: Gal on couch with Feet in foot tub and orb

Due to the environmental decay, we are subjected to daily the world over, you may only function on a fraction of the essential bio-energy that your body needs to rejuvenate and heal itself. This can potentially lead to lethargic body function and physical stress causing you to feel tired, run-down, and generally unwell.



The QEnergySpa uses water

Water is the natural medium to enhance and boost biological energy levels in the water, like an organic battery charger. The natural bio-energy present in water closely matches the energy in your body. The QEnergySpa increases this natural energy present in the water allowing it to be readily absorbed by you. With continued use, you can potentially double your energy reservoir.

Research shows how this technology has increased cellular charge!

What’s more, it’s easy to use. You can have your whole body or just your hand or feet immersed in the water to get
the benefits of using the device. Plus, the QEnergySpa can be enjoyed in your own home, office, or patient practice.

Why is this Important?

Each cell of our body contributes its part to our wellness. They each have their own job to do. If they don’t have the right charge, they can’t perform their job properly. If too many cells are not performing correctly, then we start having health problems. By restoring the cellular charge to the right level each cell is empowered to perform at its best, and that includes detecting and repairing the damage.

Repair at the Celular Level

Our body is made up of trillions of cells, about 75 trillion of them! Under ideal conditions, they all perform their job and are quite capable of detecting any damage that happens to them. That damage can occur from many things including environmental toxins, stress, ultraviolet light, radiation, DNA mistakes, and pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Once the damage is detected the cell knows to repair the damage. If that isn’t possible, the cell is designed to literally self-destruct so that it can be replaced by a healthy cell. This process of repairing or replacing damaged cells is the very basis of healing!

This process of replacing damaged cells happens to us every day at the rate of just under a million cells every second!

If those million cells/second are not replaced with healthier cells than the originals were, our bodies accumulate damaged cells. And if a damaged cell is allowed to divide (cells grow by dividing – that is one cell becomes two, which becomes four and then eight, etc.), then you can see how quickly we can start having a whole bunch of damaged cells. This is the basis of aging as well as the root of health problems. So, you want the healthiest cells possible.

Cell Repair

When we are young, our body is constantly replacing cells with healthy cells. That is why we naturally heal so quickly when we are little! Imagine what the impact would be as adults.

What benefits are there when healthy cells are made?

  • Moods
  • Energy
  • Stamina
  • Strength
  • Metabolism
  • Perception
  • Concentration
  • Recovery rate
  • Sleeping patterns
  • Meridian Balance
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Stress, Anxiety, Hostility
  • Scars (Burns,  Scalds)
  • Menstrual Discomfort
  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Joint Discomfort
  • Varicose, Spider Veins
  • General Discomfort
  • Fluid retention
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Cramps


April 2017: National Center for Biotechnology Research Bio-electric field enhancement: the influence on hyaluronan mediated motility receptors in human breast carcinoma.


This is a technology to be experienced. Hence the name – Q The Experience

Feet in foot bathThe best way to understand this technology is to experience it.  Sessions, whether it is a foot bath, only having one hand in the water, or full immersion in a bathtub, last for 35 minutes. Even though we describe the results as “charging your cell’s battery”, its use is relaxing and revitalizing without any sense of stimulation you would expect from coffee, for example. We encourage you to enjoy a session and welcome you to feel how restorative having a Q-Bath can be! – Yopur QEnergySpa Resource | Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | QEnergySpa Footbath

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