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Shopping for a Footbath

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Foot Bath

What is the amperage? 3 amps

Don’t be fooled by high amperage. This is not a “sledge hammer” approach. More power means that the array will have a much higher degree of electrolysis happening in the water, but it means nothing as far as the interaction with the water. Resonance does not take power, but the correct interaction. If you are looking for ions in the water only, then potentially it could produce more ions with higher water. However, say that if the power levels are too high, is there a chance that you could burst the water molecules in the water and hence destroy the water instead of giving it power? If for example, you get the resonance wrong? If you want to turn the water black… Turn up the power… And again – the color of the water means nothing.

How high is the watts? Answer: ~95 watts

How To Control Amps: Current vs. Salt
Adjustable current control is imperative due to a variety of external variables:

  • Differences in human skin resistance
  • Differences in the water used
  • Differences in the electrolysis

    It is rare that you need to add salt, to gain conductivity.
    The areas that we see the most water contamination/chemicals are: Las Vegas, NV; New York City, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL.There are several factors that raise or lower the conductivity: salt, human body skin resistance, and water quality. If you raise the current with salt the conductivity increases.
    The Model q6000 adjusts the conductivity automatically.
    Model(s): q36 and q26 have a toggle switch to adjust conductivity manually.Our QEnergySpa models allow you to have full control over adjusting the conductivity. All other “copy-cat” footbath units cannot deliver the power we can. They are simply NOT the same quality. DON’T be fooled!

    Are you able to manually adjust the conductivity? 

Answer: Potassium Citrate or sea salt

Why do I need to know about positive vs. negative ions and polarity?

Answer: You want negative ions NOT positive ions. Positive ions are depleting.

Positive vs. Negative Ions and Polarity

First of all, the Bio-Energy Therapy, QEnergySpa technology is and has never been about ions, positive or negative. This is one of the reasons based on the ionization above that the QEnergySpa does not need as much salt, if any in order to work, because it is not based on ionization but rather resonance interaction.

Ionic technology devices claim that it is possible and desirable to adjust the amount of positive or negative ions in the water.
Negative Ions are supposedly the good ions. Positive ions are depleting, so you would want negative ions NOT positive ions.
But why would you want positive ions? This would be ludicrous to even suggest. But it is there.

This is a link to a report on ions used by the Ionic devices:
Role of Ions in Body Chemistry Report
The report is actually a little misleading for use, even in the Ionic Detox industry
The report is by Spartan Enterprises Inc. a Mining & Oil based company started in 1982, written in 1995
The report is more directed towards magnetic resonance.
Robert Becker is well known for frequency devices and their effects, but more on direct frequency applications, not really ions.
The report is based on ions in AIR, NOT water. With a simple note on hydrotherapy inserted. Whoever did that.
However the Report does show that negative ions are healthy and positive ions potentially deadly if applied using magnetic resonance.
Therefore this report should NOT be used to establish validity on any Ionic Detox device.

Positive and Negative Electrodes

As long as both the positive and negative electrodes are in the same body of water. Consider this the same as water running through your garden hose. The water you push into one end is the same water that comes out the other end, at least the same quantity. Electrically, what goes in must come out. Hence electronically it is always a net neutral. So positive or negative really don’t make sense no matter what polarity. But in the electrical path through the water the electrons may be able to excite and resonate things.

Understanding the science behind the technology, you will also understand that changing polarity between electrodes of different compositions will alter the energy signature in the water. (Resonance if you will). It is still going to be the net same potential and current and hence nothing really changes here. Except; For the sake of the argument, let’s for the moment say that electrons, proton & neutrons don’t exist. (I know, this is a stretch) That will also mean that ions of any kind don’t exist. So by changing the electrodes in this example, all you will be doing is altering the signature (resonance) and the final outcome will be different, no doubt. But to what extend and for what purpose, you will need to understand the entire genetic and biological make up of all life on earth in order to know what the different signatures (resonances) created will do to that life. So what do we do, we experiment and when we come across something that looks good, we estimate based upon the experiment that it will be good for us and we hope that it will have no long term negative effect. Look at micro current technologies, been around for 60 plus years. But let’s not look at current medical history.

To make my point here; I am sure that we could create plenty of negative ions at the frequency range of a microwave oven, do you think that it will still be good for you? It is negative ions? Should be great for my health. But in this case I think I would be cooked. Again it is all about how it was created, not just what and how much!

You do not need a sledge hammer to push a swing, a gentle nudge to keep in going is all that is needed. So it is, for all science and technologies, a gentle tickle to achieve great results. If you use the sledge hammer approach, you will always create extra heat and you will always have other problems that have to be overcome. Mind you with some of our existing technologies the sledge hammer approach is still the only way, until we learn.

With that in mind, we (our scientific community) have stumbled across negative ions (from our perspective) and it has had a very good health outcome for a very long time and as long as we do not deviate too far from the way in which we create negative ions for health benefits we will prevail. You also have to remember that the recovery process of the human body is amazing. Quite a few devices invented actually damages the body in the application process, the body then repairs the damage along with the reason for the application, at least that is the hope.

ORP Meter Readings

ORP MeterFor use in water, let’s forget all about ions of any kind and focus on ORP, Oxidation Reduction Potential. We have positive and negative ORP here as well. It has also been shown that negative ORP is great for your health and a positive ORP, not so much. For example a glass of orange juice bought from the store may have a positive ORP of about 200, squeeze the orange yourself (ie fresh) and it will be a negative ORP of about 200 to 300.

The QEnergySpa has been tested with an ORP reading as low as negative 1200. No other device can do this. Ionic technologies also place great emphasis on the discolorations in the water and what they imply relative to the person in the water.


Polarity is a marketing gimmick and provides no benefit. This is why: In this technology the claim is made that it is possible and desirable to adjust the amount of positive or negative ions in the water. Simply put, this is an electro-chemical impossibility. As long as both positive and negative electrodes are in the same body of water it is basic electrochemistry that there is always a net neutral. That is that for every positive ion created, there is a negative. In “their” technology, when they claim to alter the amount of positive or negative ions, they are simply changing the polarity on which electrode is positive or negative at a given moment. In this particular product there is a great emphasis on the discolorations in the water and what they imply relative to the person in the water.

Negative Ions are the good ions. Positive ions are depleting. You want negative ions NOT positive ions. The units on the market that claim their machine can create more negative ions or positive ions depending on which mode the unit is set too is not only inaccurate but why would you want positive ions?

What are the safety features of the Q ENERGY Spa?

The QEnergySpa is built to meet the very stringent International Electrical Safety Standards, IEC 60601.1 and is compliant with the domestic CE mark. The units are powered by AC and when plugged into your wall it delivers a very specific DC (Direct Current) between 0.3 Amps to 3 Amps at about 28 volts DC, with a maximum of 30 volts DC and can actually handle up to 100Watts. Safe construction levels of safety are as follows; an external fuse that shuts down the machine if the fuse blows and an internal fuse that offers overall protection for the entire unit.

  • The Power Supply is IP67 rated. This means it is splash-proof and dust-proof. You can actually drop it into the bath with you safely, not that we would ever recommend that anyone does that.
  • The QEnergySpa is hand made. Full inspections are carried out at every stage of manufacture.
  • The QEnergySpa is fully tested for safety and correct operation prior to leaving the factory.

What kind of tub should I use?

Answer: Copper Tub.
The energetic properties or signature of the bath container also impacts on the coloration and precipitation of the water. We recommend you use a (in order of preference) a raw untreated copper bowl, glass, ceramic or plastic bowl (for ease and cleanliness of use, a disposable plastic bag or liner may be used). You can also use your bath tub. The only stipulation is that the bowl cannot be made of or contain Aluminum or uncoated fiber glass. Size and shape matters little, as long as the orb is fully submerged and you can fit a part of your body in the water.

In order of preference..

  1. Copper Tub: Not varnished and not treated in any way. Not even cleaned. No welding or other glues. The copper tub effectively folds the complex resonating emanating field back upon itself and hence increases the field strength in the water. The copper tub has the potential to increase the effectiveness from 10% to 30% all depending on many factors. See more details: Copper Tub
  2. Clear Glass bowl
  3. Clear Plastic bowl
  4. Colored plastic bowl, stay away from darker colors.

Do you have to manually replace the rings and track?

Answer: Yes Please see full details on the Orb Assembly Guide HERE. See Array Assembly Guide HERE.

How many sessions per rings(2) and track set?

Answer: Each set may last anywhere between 8-100 sessions depending on your BEFE/Q2Spa model and your water. Regularly inspect the Rings and Track within the orb. Replace the Rings and Track when visibly pitted and or worn or when the edges or thickness have been visibly affected. Note that the more corroded the Rings and Tracks become, the less effective they are. In the picture below, the second ring and track is at the stage at which we recommend that they should be replaced.

Worn rings and tracks

How do we clean and disinfect the orb/array?

Answer: Descale Magic Cleaning Solution or CLR

To maintain your system in optimum condition, it is important to clean it, preferably after every use, between different people. If it’s only you using, then maybe every 3-4 uses. Read more details on cleaning HERE.

The Q ENERGYspa was proudly conceived and manufactured in Australia by Q Tech Laboratories, the world leader and founder in non invasive Bio Energetic hydrotherapy technology. Designed and created to realign, balance and significantly enhance the bio energetic levels in water that can then be used by the cells of all living things.

We offer three models of the Q ENERGYspa® available. We cater for everyone from the professional consultant down to the home user.

This is a Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE Technology which effectively is a Bio-Energy Therapy which uses water as a medium to enhance the bio-energy at the cellular level increasing your body’s overall wellness.

The Original Technology from Queensland Australia invented in 1995 and released through the company QtheExperience Australia in 1996. With 20 years of Enhancements, updates, and upgrades.

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Our most important update:
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