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QEnergySpa Video

QEnergySpa Video Education

QEnergySpa Video Educational explaining the benefits and features.

The benefits of the unit are almost unlimited and include increased vitality and energy, pain relief, faster recovery time, improved concentration and sleeping patterns, increased perception and well-being improved liver, kidney, and endocrine function, as well as reduced inflammation and swelling. Other benefits include reduced arthritic and menstrual pain, assisting with incontinence, and gout conditions, organic toxin neutralization, and much more. The complex magnetic fields of the unit permeate and realign your own body’s energy field which allows the body to function better.

QEnergySpa Can Be Used By All Ages

The unit is designed for use by all ages as it has no side effects the energies are the same and is therefore completely safe.

Who CANNOT Use the QEnergySpa?

It cannot be used by people who have battery-operated implants such as pacemakers, or implanted organs, during pregnancy or while on a course of life-sustaining prescription drugs.

Prescribed Drug Guidelines

Organic medicines such as herbs are not considered drugs. Any prescription is best taken over an hour on either side of using the BEFE (QEnergySpa, BEFE).

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