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Why Q2?


Why Q2? Why Buy A QEnergySpa?

Why Q2? Here are a few reasons

Why Q2? ORB Series II

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  • We ARE the ORIGINAL Creator of this UNIQUE Technology
  • Hand Built in Australia
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  • Medical grade safety and quality
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The Q Energy Spa
The Q Energy Spa (formerly known as the BEFE) is a revolutionary Hydro-Therapy system that was developed by Q-Tech Laboratories of Australia. The Q Energy Spa enhances and amplifies the ability of the body to heal itself. The procedure takes 35 minutes and is done in an ordinary footbath.

Why Q2? Because the Q ENERGYspa® is unique and the REAL Original Therapeutic Footbath

  • The QEnergySpa is different and quite unique and original and with a little more research.
  • The QEnergySpa is one technology that is much more than a simple detox.
  • Detoxification is not a one-time magical fix.
  • Detoxification is a continuous bodily process.
  • By energizing every cell throughout your entire body, you will effectively on a larger scale energize every organ. As they function more effectively, you will automatically detoxify more than usual. A simple urine test can confirm that.

Why Q2? If you are interested in running a few experiments, please contact me. I will be happy to assist you with your trials and may be able to email you with a few links that may help.

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 Why Q2 Notes…

  1. Above all, ignore all the water colors and all the smells, they are irrelevant.
  2. There are far too many parameters that affect the outcome in the water, from the lunar cycle to the temperature, humidity, altitude to the minerals and salts in the water and many more. See: Water Color Facts
  3. Price DOES dictate quality. You cannot expect a $300 footbath machine to deliver the same as a $2500 footbath machine.
    Both machines may look like they create the same ions, but the difference is in the details.4. The main difference is the exact frequencies that are generated. The correct frequency will put the body in a parasympathetic state, enhancing wellness. The wrong frequency will create stress on the body, shutting down wellness. Cheap machines do not address this. This is one of the main reasons people feel worse from using them instead of better.


Why Q2?

Because today there are thousands of these units throughout the world and the number is growing exponentially as the word spreads about the benefits this technology provides for its users. Nothing works better and performs like the Original QEnergySpa. For that reason, insist on it ONLY. See all of our QEnergySpa products. Go here. | Genuine QEnergySpa Parts | QEnergySpa Footbath | Orb Ring and Track Sets
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You may always contact us with any questions or part requests. We are here to help you set up your session. Nothing looks and performs like a genuine QEnergySpa Footbath. For that reason, Pros insist on them. Do you need spare parts for your QEnergySpa Footbath? Does your orb or array have a broken or missing part also? Then you have found the right place. Online Since 2002

Genuine QEnergySpa Parts| Orbs and Cables | Fuses| Array Parts | Orb Ring and Track Sets

First of all, we have QEnergySpa Parts in stock.

Solid, untreated, unvarnished copper tubs – which has the potential 10% to 30% increase in efficiency!

The most asked for parts include cables, fuses, orbs, and ring and track sets. Service Parts for QEnergySpa, orbs, arrays. Even more, see our newest QEnergySpa Pro q6000 online, Go here.

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