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Contraindications Using the QEnergySpa


Possible Contraindications and Effects While Using the QEnergySpa
Contraindications Using the QEnergySpa - Feet in foot bath

Using the QEnergySpa System for the first few times can cause a number of effects that may be noticed and observe during and briefly after usage. These effects vary between organisms and may appear at any point during the usage times.

The following is a list of sensations that may be experienced.

  • Tingling sensations in various parts of an organism
  • Tingling in scratches, cuts, and abrasions.
  • Shortness of breath towards the end of usage.
  • A slight pain where possibly the organism is unhealthy.
  • A tightening sensation in affected areas.

These effects generally last only a few minutes after usage; however if the body mass should show any signs of distress, the process/session should be terminated immediately and following sessions should not go any longer than that time frame for a period of 14 sessions.


Rare contraindications may occur using the QEnergySpa. It typically benefits most people of all ages equally. However, there are circumstances that may prevent some individuals from using innovative QEnergySpa. We recommend that certain groups of people should not use this device while other groups may. Below these groups are identified and the reasons for the contraindication.

People who fall into these categories may NOT use the QEnergySpa until their condition ceases:

  • Those who are pregnant: The design of the QEnergySpa allows only one bio-signature per session. In the case of pregnancy, there are two separate bio-signatures; the mother and the fetus. The unit cannot separate the two signatures and treats them as one. This may result in an exchange of Bio-energetic states and/or conditions between the two entities.
  • Those who are taking immuno-suppressant medications – The QEnergySpa may affect the immune system, rendering the medication ineffective.
  • Those who have a battery-operated implant (e.g. Pacemaker/Defibrillator) – The QEnergySpa may electrically interfere with the battery signals.
  • Those who have received an organ transplant and are on immuno-suppressant medications – The QEnergySpa may override the Immuno-suppressant medications, possibly causing the body to reject the organ. Furthermore, the differing energy patterns presented by the additional organ cannot be separated by the QEnergySpa and the two signatures are treated as one. Once the individual is no longer required to take the immunosuppressant medications, one may safely assume that the organ has been fully accepted by the body, and hence use of the QEnergySpa is possible.

Individuals falling into these categories may use the QEnergySpa provided they follow these directions:

  • Youth-AgingThose who suffer from diabetes or low blood sugar levels – these individuals are advised to consult with their Health Care Provider prior to using the QEnergySpa and are advised to monitor their blood sugar levels after every session.
  • Those who suffer from elevated or low blood pressure – during the session, blood pressure may increase, followed by a small correction 10 to 20 minutes after the session. Q the Experience recommends that people who fall into this category are made aware of this factor and that they consult with their Health Care Provider prior to using the QEnergySpa.
  • Those who are taking Prescription Medications – generally people who are on a regime of day-to-day prescriptive medications are advised that it is safer to assume that their medication is contraindicated to the QEnergySpa. When taking the medication, allow at least 2 hours before and after sessions with the Q.

Those who suffer from psychotic episodes or seizures/epileptic episodes – seizures and epileptic episodes are signals generated by abnormal electrical activity in the brain, across the Corpus Callosum (the bridge that connects the two cerebral hemispheres). The QEnergySpa may be used under supervision by a Health Care Provider.

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