q47P-Plus QEnergySpa Pro

Increase the Energy Level of your Body with q47 QEnergySpa Pro. The QEnergySpa may assist to restore your optimal energy level, allowing you to evolve past any concerns, working towards improving your overall well being and fitness. For best results, the QEnergySpa should be used in conjunction with good diet and exercise.

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Retired 2019: q47P-Plus QEnergySpa Pro

The q6000 has replaced this model. See more details HERE

Advanced Professional Practitioner Model q47

This is the Original Bio-Electric Field Enhancement, BEFE Technology, effectively a Bio-Energy Therapy which uses water as a medium to enhance the bio-energy at the cellular level increasing your body’s overall wellness. The Original Technology from Queensland Australia, invented in 1995 and released through the company Q the Experience Australia in 1996.

With now over 20 years of Enhancements, updates and upgrades.  This model is now the most efficient technology anywhere in the world. This is the best model the world has to offer.  Nothing else comes close. The Ultimate in Anti-Aging, faster recovery and overall health.

Re-Energize & Re-Vitalize your body for a wellness you will soon discover to be better than you have felt in years.  In fact, potentially 5 to 10 years younger.

Standard Pack (q47S)

  • QEnergySpa, BEFE Pro Practitioner Model q47
  • Two (1) Water Modules (Orbs)
  • Two (1) Water Module Cables
  • Four (4) Replacement Rings & Tracks

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