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We are not allowed to say that the Q ENERGYspa has treated and or cured anything. We are plain simply not allowed to, to comply with the FDA.
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Q Energy Spa Research

...formerly known as the B.E.F.E. (Bio Electric Frequency Enhancer)
Please better inform yourself with the factual articles listed here.
We have provided this data so that you may better understand the power of this wonderful healing tool (QEnergy Spa/BEFE machine) and how it could change your life or your loved ones lives.....

  • 2016 - BEFE: The Influence on Membrane Potential and Cell Migration In Vitro
  • 2002 - Q2 Biocybernaut Research Study (pdf)
  • 2001 - Heavy Metal Detox Without A 'Healing Crisis'
  • 2001 - Preliminary Report on the new "BEFE" Unit
  • 1999 - Bio-Electric Field Enhancement

  • Vegetable Trials w/Q2
  • General Detox Information
  • Q2 Water Bath Testimonial
  • Bio-Magnetic Therapy
  • Comparative Analysis Between the Q2 and Copies
  • Magnetic Fields and Effects on Healing
  • Live Blood Cell Results
  • Quantum Field Science
  • 1885 Spa History
  • Heavy Metal Detox

    Bio-Magnetic Therapy

    The “Q2 Water Energy” System is based on a principle of magnetics, to be more precise, “Bio Magnetics”.  Bio Magnetic Therapy has the potential to relieve many symptoms in a great variety of ailments thus reducing the associated levels of both mental and physical stress, which accompany the illness. 

    This is no modern therapy, in point of fact is has been around for thousands of years in one form or another.  The therapy as applied by Q-Tech Laboratories P/L in their “B.E.F.E” System is quite user friendly and relaxing to use.  The simple act of taking a normal relaxing bath with the System will relieve many ailments.  The System is meant to be used every second day, this is to allow the body to assimilate the therapy on the off bath days.  The recommended time spent in the bath is 35 minutes and should not go beyond that time period. In the case of Bio Magnetic Therapy more is not necessarily better.  We also recommend that if at anytime during the bath one has a strong desire to exit the water, one should do so.  This is simply the body saying that is has had enough therapy for that time.  Should this happen it is recommended that the bathing time be increased gradually until the body can take the full 25-30 minutes.  The normal course of therapy with the System is 14 baths with a weekly maintenance after the 28-day introductory course.

    During our trials with the “B.E.F.E” System we have discovered that the System has shown positive results in the following ailments: - Arthritic aches and pains, Burns, Scalds, Incontinence, Skin problems such as Fungi and Eczema, Muscular fatigue and aches and pains associated with physical activity, Scar tissue and menstrual problems, just to mention a few.  As of the present time we have four of these Systems placed with two Naturopaths and two Kinesiologists.  All four of these people purchased the Systems and use them frequently in their practise.

    During recent horticulture trials with the “B.E.F.E” System on a commercial cucumber farm we achieved positive results in that we increased production in our trial rows by 57%.  When that equation was applied to the total number of plants on the farm growing in that medium, it amounted to a possible increase in the farmer’s profits by $20000.00 per year.  By using a newly designed commercial model of the “B.E.F.E” System which will be called by another name, it is not unreasonable to expect that the percentage would increase another 3-5% or greater.  It is our intentions to run another trial with the grower to further validate our findings.  Copies of the report, which also includes a grower’s statement, have been sent to the “Australian Hydroponics Association” as well as the “Practical Hydroponics & Green Houses Magazine”.

  • Disclaimer: Please note that the Q ENERGYspa® is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists. Water color from any session, with any device of this technology, may vary due to a large number of different parameters and circumstances.

    NO interpretation should EVER be applied to any one color and/or precipitation, NO matter the configuration or system used. To do so, would show a serious lack of judgement and unerstanding of the technology.

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