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  • Certified Used 3100 QEnergySpa / JJ720-3100

    Certified Used 3100 QEnergySpa

    Certified Used 3100


    • Used 3100 Model
    • Used Case
    • New orb
    • New cable
    • 1-Year warranty.The model #3100 was our standard user model (Now replaced with the q36). This model includes improved circuits giving an increase in electrical signal clarity. This meets a higher degree of strict electric safety standards. This model comes with an orb.
  • Potassium Citrate, 10 Pack

    Potassium Citrate 10 pack #PC10

    Potassium Citrate, 100g – 10 Pack

    Potassium citrate (food grade) raises the conductivity level 

    of the water safely for use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE.

    Includes: 10 packages of 100 gram


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    Potassium Citrate is ONLY added if your water is lacking conductivity.

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Our most important update:
• New q6000 machine - we are now taking pre-orders and expect delivery late October 2020. See details: https://q2spa.com/product/6000/ • No other changes to product availability.