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QEnergySpa Pumpkin Trial

QEnergySpa, BEFE Pumpkin Trial Tomato | Cucumber | Pumpkins | Eggplant Meringandan Pumpkin Trial Pumpkin Trial Log (Meringandan) Day 1 The trial commenced on the 23rd October 2003 at Freda Garret’s property at Meringandan in Queensland, Australia. A fenced area was provided to conduct the trial. The preparation of the seed mounds required the ground to be dug and potting mix applied and mixed in with the soil of each mound. Prior to the charging session a pH and conductivity test was done on the bore Read More...

QEnergySpa Footbath Practitioner List

QEnergySpa Footbath Practitioner List Authorized Q2 Practitioners in your area. If you do not find a practitioner in your area, please Contact Us HERE This is only a partial list and we will help you get your feet in the Q.United States of America California    Colorado    Indiana Massachusetts    Michigan    Montana    Nevada New Mexico    S Carolina    Tennessee    Washington  Find a Q2 Practitioner in your area. Many of our customers would like to order their products from someone that lives near them so that they can provide more personal service. Read More...

Bio-Energy Key Concepts

Bio-Energy Key Concepts It’s NOT about money. True value lies in people, health and wellness. Learn about the Key Concepts and why the original QEnergySpa is still the best, helping people worldwide since 1995. The Information below may help you to understand the technology and may help you decipher fact from fiction. Concepts related to the QEnergySpa vs. the Footbath Detox Industry Different Technologies – The QEnergySpa – Bio-Energy Therapy – The Ionic Footbaths – Positive and Negative Ions Ionization Bio-Energy Resonance Polarity Water Color “Charting” Cost and Value of Construction Power Read More...

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