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Top 8 Footbath Questions

Top 8 Footbath Questions about the QEnergySpaQEnergySpa BEFE Q6000 Pro

The QEnergySpa, BEFE Technology acts as a battery charger for all biological life (people, animals, plants, etc.). Our bodies work using a form of biological electrical current that we term “Life Force Energy” or “Bio Energy”. The QEnergySpa, BEFE system is the first to utilize non-invasive energetic therapy technology. The QEnergySpa, BEFE System does not pull or push toxins from your body. It provides the energy to enhance natural body functions to improve overall health. Empowering your body with the ability to heal itself and also release toxins. Read through the questions and learn more.

Top 8 Footbath Questions

    1. What is the best foot bath?
    2. What are the benefits of a foot bath?
    3. How often should you do a foot bath?
    4. Do detox foot baths really work?
    5. Do I need to use salt? Why/Why not?
    6. What do the watercolors mean?
    7. How can the QEnergySpa help with the Autistic Spectrum?
    8. Can I Use My QEnergySpa Anywhere in the World?

Top 8 Footbath Questions

1. What is the best foot bath?

This is such an easy answer. Without a doubt,  the QEnergySpa foot spa is the best. Since we created this technology, we also continue to upgrade this tool. At this moment in time, we have built this wellness tool for over 20 years. The QEnergySpa is the first of its kind. It was developed by engineers in 1996. Because it demonstrates powerful healing capabilities, entrepreneurs have attempted to duplicate it by reverse-engineering the technology. However, NO ONE has been able to figure out the complete technology. Only part of it (and not the most effective part). Not a single footbath comes close to what we have incorporated into each and every footbath hand assembled

2.What are the benefits of a foot bath?

Top 8 Footbath Questions QEnergySpa sessions conversation The benefits are many. In fact I get calls almost every day where more stories are shared by other happy customers.
Here are just a few:

    • Improved Concentration
    • Enhanced Energy
    • Meridian Balance
    • Improved Metabolism
    • More Stable Moods
    • Better Perception
    • Faster Recovery Rate
    • Skin Rejuvenation
    • Better Sleeping patterns
    • Improved Stamina
    • Improved Strength

3. How often should you do a foot bath?

For the best results, the QEnergySpa (BEFE) should be used once every other day. That is once every two days only. Use for a duration of 35. Do this for a period of 14 sessions or 28 Days. The chart shown here indicates that the largest energy response will happen through the first 5 or 6 sessions.

Bio Energy Chart


After that, the remaining sessions won’t change by much. But, will help to lock in the change, so they are still necessary. The full 35-minute session may make you tired, but over time seems to provide a deeper level effect. After your first few sessions, you will find out if you get tired or get an immediate energy boost.

We are all different, so it could be either or anywhere in between. The recommendation is simple. If you get tired, simply use the QEnergySpa late in the evening, just before retiring for the evening and if you get an energy boost, use the QEnergySpa in the morning.


4. Do detox foot baths really work?

Yes.  The QEnergySpa was “created to re-balance and amplify the bio-electric signature of your body”, Terry Skrinjar, 1997 (inventor of the QEnergySpa/BEFE technology). It does this by imprinting electromagnetic fields into the water. Thereby into living systems, to give the body more energy. This extra energy allows the body to operate at its full potential. The field created by the QEnergySpa interacts with the motional bio field of water and amplifies the volumetric content of the charge rate within the water pattern. The resulting Bio-charge is, therefore, the product of water, electricity, vibration/resonance, metal and magnetism working together as a whole.
Note: The QEnergySpa does not kill or expel the microbes in contact with the healthy cells, rather it reinforces and optimizes the signature state of the cells. With continued use, the physiological and dynamic balance of the human body (homeostasis) gradually becomes restored. This method is not achieved by the direct infusion of frequency-based electrical impulses that are commonly used in some treatments currently available on the market.

5. Do I need to use salt? Why/Why not?

Potassium Citrate, 3 packThis is a question that I get asked a lot. Sea salt, Celtic salt, or potassium citrate (food grade) raises the conductivity level of the water safely for use with the QEnergySpa, BEFE. For example, the water quality in many major cities is deficient in minerals. Cities like New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Chicago may require this mineral. Hence, this requires Potassium Citrate to increase conductivity. That said, Potassium Citrate is NOT required for all water.

Why / Why Not? How Do I Know if I need Potassium citrate? You want to see at least 2 LIGHTS on your BEFE QEnergySpa display panel to confirm that you have enough conductivity. On the Models 6000, 4100, 4105, q46 or q47,  you will receive a display that alerts you of low conductivity. All other models reveal a display panel.

Steer away from Pink Himalayan salt. This salt is not clean.

6. What do the water colors mean?

Scam color chartThe colors of the water after every session is primarily due to a combination of the

degradation of the rings within the Orb (water module) and the impurities present in the

water source. However, if these were the only two factors affecting coloration and these

factors remained constant, one would expect the same coloration outcomes after every

session. This is not the case. There are a number of other factors that also play a role.

More details about water colors.


7. How can the QEnergySpa help with the Autistic Spectrum?

Because the QEnergySpa enhances your body’s own ability to correct and heal itself,
it has a wide range of effects. See images from a Young Boy With Autism

Top 8 Footbath Questions 1 Top 8 Footbath Questions 2Top 8 Footbath Questions 3Top 8 Footbath Questions 4

The above images are before and after the QEnergySpa was introduced into his routine. After 3 months,
his parents, teachers, and doctors believed this 7-year-old boy to no longer be on the spectrum.

8. Can I Use My QEnergySpa Anywhere in the World?

World - ID 4824785 © Penny Mathews | Dreamstime.comYes, we build our machines to fit all worldwide electric plugs. Whether you like in the USA, Asia, or Europe – we can fit our plug exactly.

Review the voltage chart here to see which plug fits best in your area of the world. Be sure to let us know which plug you prefer.


What additional questions do you have about the QEnergySpa?

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