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The complex energy fields of the Q2 B.E.F.E. Water Energy System can rebalance
energy meridians in your body by permeating and realigning your body's energy field.


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Other Health

We are not allowed to say that the Q ENERGYspa has treated and or cured anything. We are plain simply not allowed to, to comply with the FDA.
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The ORIGINAL Q Energy Spa
Q Energy Technology - "A Quantum Interactive Device"

Manufactured in Australia, the Q ENERGYspa® is unlike any technology available on the market today, owing not only to the science it is based upon (Quantum Reality Field Science, QRFS) but also to the highly specific design details of the Orb (water module) and the manufacturer specified electronically matched circuitry components within the three available power supplies.

The Q ENERGYspa® is the ultimate revolution in natural bio-energy re-vitalisation for your body, capable of assisting the human body to function at its full capacity and provide you with more energy to effectively cope with today's stresses.

With higher energy levels your body is capable of significantly reducing recovery time and allows you to better control and manage aches and pains.

A growing number of natural and main stream health care consultants throughout the world including Kinesiologists, Chiropractors, and Naturopaths are now using the Q ENERGYspa® in their practice to assist their clients with amazing results.

Using the Q ENERGYspa® is simple and you do not need to be a professional to operate the device. In fact providing that you have a tub of some description, almost any one can use the unit; be it for use in your own home or in a professional clinic. This method does not involve any medications and it is safe and non-invasive, it can even be used on children and pets.

The Q ENERGYspa® is based on the principle that all living matter contains a "bio-charge" or bio-energy. This energy is what enables all the systems of the body to operate. The efficiency of operation of these systems within our bodies is determined by the energy level of our body. When the body has a high energy level, all the body’s systems will operate efficiently as a collective whole, allowing the body to regenerate at its peak. However, much like a battery, our energy levels do not stay at a fixed level. The lifestyles we lead and the toxins we breathe and ingest means that many of us are depleting our body's natural resources, increasing the likelihood of falling prey to various exposures. The Q Energy Spa® was created to rebalance and amplify the bio-electric signature of your body and is the only available Bio-Energy device capable of creating the necessary complex field interactions within the water.

The Q Energy Spa is the latest in home based systems developed by Q-Tech Laboratories as an aid for relaxation and well-being. It was created to realign, balance and enhance the bio energetic levels in water that is then used by the cells of all living things.

The Experience increases vitality, clarity and an overall sense of well being. By using the Q Energy Spa regularly, you (and your family) can increase your energy levels whenever needed.

Healthy or not the benefits of the Q Energy Spa
can be an advantage to all
Call Debbie: 303-782-4841

The Q Energy Spa
is the Latest in
Home-Based Therapy!
(Created by Terry Skrinjar)

The Q Energy Spa
We live in a world in which all life is based on water. Water is the primary constituent of all living systems. Not only does water serve as the "soup" in which all biochemical processes occur, but water also possesses some extremely important abilities to convert electro magnetic energy (the energy coming from the Q Energy Spa) into Bio-Energy or Life-force energy. The very specific and precise geometric signature of the Q field allows water to naturally convert electrical energy into bioelectric energy or "bio-energy" that can be utilized by any living thing.

How can the Q2 help?
The Q2 ENERGYspa is the first patented hydro energetic experience to combine Q-Mechanics (based on Quantum Field Science) as an approach to alternative holistic discipline. With regular use of the Q ENERGYspa, your body will have much greater energy reserves to do what it knows best, provide a greater ability to heal and maintain an optimum level of well being.
  • Latest in Health Technology
  • An Organic Battery Charger
  • The First Non-Invasive System
  • Nature's first Helping Hand
  • Increases the Body's Natural Energy Levels
  • Reduces Stress, Tension, Anxiety and Hostility
  • Restores Harmony, Balance and Clarity
  • Simple and Easy to Use

By using the Q ENERGY spa regularly, you (and your family) can increase your energy levels whenever needed. Healthy or not the benefits of the Q Energy Spa can be an advantage to all. The Q Energy Spa is designed to address your needs for inner peace; your needs for new strength; with renewed energy and spirit to handle the on-going and continuous stresses of your daily life.

How is the Q ENERGYspa used?
The Q Energy Spa is experienced either at home or in a practioner's location. The System is made up of two primary components, an electrically certified power supply and the Q Orb that interacts with water.

The system is used by placing the Orb in a container of water, connecting the power supply, and then having either your feet, hands or body immersed in the water. The water in that container becomes at one with us, taking on our unique energetic resonance signature as a template. Enjoy a warm and relaxing 35 minute bath and feel the benefit of increased vitality and clarity.

Water, the unifying medium that permits biological coherence.

Why is Water Used?
Water is the primary constituent of all life; it is the medium through which all bio energetic processes occur. Thousands flock to rejuvenating and revitalizing water sources, to enjoy their unique properties.

These waters exhibit unusually large amounts of bio energy which has been said to have the power to influence those who touch it.

Why are Natural energy reserves depleted?
We assimilate and use bio-energy from our environment, air, water and food. It is well known that the quality of all these has diminished and have been polluted by man's 'advances'. Although we have adapted to our more toxic and energy depleted environment, our energy levels often do not have anything in reserve to help us. The bottom line is that with regular use of the Q Energy Spa, your body will have much greater energy reserves to do with, what it knows best, provide a greater ability to heal and maintain an optimum level of well being.

Please note:

  • Water color may vary due to a large number of different circumstances.
  • NO interpretation should ever be applied to any color and/or precipitation, NO matter the configuration or system used
  • Terry Skrinjar is the ORIGINATOR of the Q Energy Spa technology.
  • Beware of the many UNSUCCESSFUL IMITATIONS of the Q Energy Spa that try to tell you that any water color change is caused by you releasing toxins from your body directly into the water.
    This is NOT true.
    Call for the facts.

    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee**

    Call (303) 782-4841 to talk to a Certified Q Energy Consultant about the differences between the Series q47, q36, q26

  • The Q Energy Spa creates energized water for natural healing. Balance your electrical body with your own hot spring! The Q Energy Spa is self contained and is used in an ordinary bath tub or foot bath. The Q Energy Spa is not a cure for any medical condition, by recharging your body, you can activate the body's own natural ability to heal itself, and you may find a much greater sense of well being after use.


    Disclaimer: Please note that the Q ENERGYspa® is not offered, nor intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and is not a medical device. Use only as directed and consult your primary health care provider if you have any medical concerns and/or if symptoms persists. Water color from any session, with any device of this technology, may vary due to a large number of different parameters and circumstances.

    NO interpretation should EVER be applied to any one color and/or precipitation, NO matter the configuration or system used. To do so, would show a serious lack of judgement and unerstanding of the technology.

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